This could be addictive…

This is my first post on my newly created blog. I’ve been wanting to do this starting two years ago when Leslee went back to the dairy farm after he lost his job because I quickly found out what a fish out of water I was being married to an experienced, albeit, accidental dairy farmer and the hilarity of this new lifestyle for me. Oh, the things I’ve learned!! That’s why I’m so excited. I’ve got a lot to say (never had a problem with that) and I enjoy writing, so I hope you all enjoy reading about this city girl who is still transitioning to country life, her dairy-farming husband, and the adventures of their baby daughter.


3 thoughts on “This could be addictive…

  1. Love it! I think you could become famous! What a cute idea! I will look forward to reading it and pass the word on to others. Love you all, Teahna

  2. I love it too but you know me anything to do with cows and farming and I’m all for it (especially when it is Jerseys)! Love, Linda

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