This is Peanut.

Let me tell ya, she’s a pistol. I’ve met my match, I’m afraid, in the battle of wills department. I’m not going to complain too much, though. I want her to use it full-force when those silly boys start comin’ around. (That is, if Daddy doesnt succeed in scaring the bujeebers out of ’em first).

Picture taken by Turner Creative Photography

Leslee announced Peanut’s coming by texting all of our family and friends this: “It’s a heifer!!” ( I let it slide because she is a Taurus, so it does ring partly true).

This picture cracks me up b/c she looks like one of those Sesamee Street characters that just randomly pops up in the screen!

She is the stereotypical farmer’s daughter. She follows Leslee around everywhere, loves riding in the tractor, and seems be at one with the cows. She’s never been afraid of them and appears to be perfectly comfortable surrounded in a field by them. (The same cannot be said about the vacuum cleaner). It seems Leslee’s words regarding her impending birth were prophetic.

Playing with the MFA bill. See! What did I tell you?! Total farm girl.

Peanut’s favorite foods are pretty much whatever she can get her hands on right now. Leaves, cat food, shoes, unsuspecting, innocent stuffed animals… We have to really watch her! If she can get it, it’s fair game! The other day, I found a penny in her mouth and it scared me to death. She, on the other hand, was quite pleased with herself.

I could write all day about her, but I’ll save it for another time when I’m not having to rescue the cat’s tail from the dark recesses of Peanut’s mouth! So long and much love!

The Dairy Maid

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