These are my best friends on the farm. They’re my boots and now that I’ve had them for a little bit, there’s no way I could ever go back to wearing my flip-flops to help Leslee get the cows. That didn’t work out so well, by the way.

Leslee took me to PFI one day because this city girl had finally given in. (I was only fighting myself). Leslee once said while we both lived and worked in the city, “I may live in the city, but nothing will ever take the country out of me.”I felt the same way about my roots. I might have a farmer for a husband, but no way was anyone gonna’ see me wear cowboy boots. Well, after months of wearing flip-flops on our gravel roads and trying to tip-toe strategically around certain messes in our pastures, I crossed over to the dark side. And, whoa buddy, I ain’t goin’ back!

These are Ariats and let me tell you, they’re a tennis shoe trapped in a boot’s body. They’re lightweight and soooo comfortable. Not to mention they look better everytime I wear them. In my opinion, if ya got boots, scuff em up! That actually sounds nothing like a city girl, but these days, I pride myself on being a fashion chameleon. And these boots have inspired me to expand my wardrobe (such a hardship) to some country wear. No Wranglers, folks, but I do own a few pearl-snap work shirts. I like to look the part no matter what scenario I find myself in.

These boots are not completely country, though. I mean, what part of zebra print screams “practical for farm work?” (The city girl isn’t gonna go down easy.) I like to think they say, “Yeah, we’re a pair of boots, but boy, do we look gooood while we’re workin’!”

Finally, in honor of my boots, I’d like to sing you a song of Nancy Sinatra’s. I did tweak it a little for you:

These boots are made for walkin,

And that’s just what they’ll do,

One of these days, these boots

Are gonna’ walk right through some poo.”

(I have and it was  liberating).

The Dairy Maid

3 thoughts on “Boots

  1. well…I have to say…I’m all about the animal prints myself…and I’m sure your dairy cows aren’t threatened in the least when they see Zebra print on your boots instead of their own hides. lol

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