The giant ice cream cone speaks to me. He says, “Look over here! Look at me! I’m a delicious cone of Heaven!” He’s my saboteur and I try to keep my eyes averted when we drive by.

Last night was a major fail. I saw Andy’s and I had to stop. Ok, I might have had $7 worth of gift certificates….

…and I might have pulled out of my driveway with every intention of devouring a Strawana with hot fudge…

…and I might have cajoled the hubby into going with me after he started trying to eat healthier last week.

I feel bad…real bad. The ice cream cone actually screamed at me from his perch, “Who’s the saboteur now?” (I know, I know. I’m a really bad influence. People should not hang out with me). I am, however, supporting what my farmer produces, soooo….

Anyway, this is what I knew was waiting for me.

Her name is Strawana and she’s a delicious mixture of frozen vanilla custard topped with strawberries, bananas, and a heaping helping of ooey, gooey, hot fudge. The things dreams and chubby bunnies are made of.

Took me all of 5 seconds to inhale it.

The farmer always gets a peanut butter cup concrete. It makes him really happy.

If you consider yourself an ice cream connoisseur and you haven’t had Andy’s (What is up with me and the “eur” words in this post??), you need to get to there ASAP. It will change your life.

Andy’s lover,

The Dairy Maid

4 thoughts on “Frenemies

  1. Strawana is my favorite, too! It is a Springfield tradition to get this, and of course McCallisters sweet tea while I’m in town. 🙂

  2. Breauna, Leslee told me about your blog last week when we went to the farm to pick up 2 more little bulls—Really enjoying reading it and looking forward to your next posts. Take care, k

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