When I was in college, I had hair down to my waist. Most of the time it looked really pretty, but my college campus was this huge wind tunnel in which I could never reach any of my business classes resembling anything professional.

You know Cousin It from The Addams Family? He’s the little dude on the far right…

Yeah, that was me. And I have bestowed this “gift” upon my daughter

This is after a long day of doing one of her favorite things. Unplugging every electrical thing in my house while utterly confusing Mommy because anytime I go to turn something on, nothing happens. And it always takes me a second to figure out why. (I’m a true brunette, I promise!! And Peanut has never actually electrocuted herself, even though her hair says otherwise…)

This nifty little contraption has restored some of my previous sanity.

Temporarily bested by Peanut,

The Dairy Maid

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