Babies, Bathtubs, and Wednesday Randomness

I want to apologize for the lack of activity on my blog lately. We’ve been crazily working on our house so we can officially put it on the market next week. I’ve also been doing some part-time work for a local attorney, trying to maintain some semblance of an orderly house (failing miserably), and chasing an 11-month-old around as she demolishes any progress that I’m making.

The farmer is still at it. We are getting closer to finishing the master bathroom remodel. The yellow has been replaced with a nice khaki, the tile is done, and the new shower doors are on.

The weekend before last, I made the trek to Kansas City (by myself, I might add) with Peanut to see  my cousin and her wittle baby boy. It was a personal victory for me to travel through KC by myself, without a GPS, too. I think talking the farmer into was the biggest undertaking. I started a month before I would be going. Everyone that knows me knows that I have an endless reserve of persisitence. I rarely understand “no” as the final answer; it’s always negotiable. (Praying right now that my daughter is NOTHING like me! Lord help us if she is!)

This is one of the people we went to see.

This is one happy lil guy who never stops smiling. But, you have to watch him.

“Hey! Paws off, Mr.!”

And I just can’t stop taking baby bathtub pictures.

So stinkin’ cute! I had to show ya what a ham she is. (The hair is a personality indicator. Trust me.)

And last, but certainly not least, this is my absolute favorite hair do. If i could wear it like this everywhere and get away with it, I would. I happen to think it’s very versatile, but I’ve been told otherwise. This is what the farmer gets to look at everyday.

He says I can stay, though.


The Dairy Maid

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