Scenes from the Farm

I love the farm in the spring. Everything comes to life after a long, colorless winter. The cows slick off and get their shiny, warm-weather coats and flowers pop up in the most random places.

This spot used to be an old homestead that has long since fallen down. The lilies (I hope they’re lilies) have thrived and prospered, however. Half of the field is lilies and it’s beautiful. Their warm, welcome little faces is what helped me decide to build our future home there. Their half-ownership is safe, though! We’re building further back than they extend — for the moment.

This is one of the pretty little creeks that runs through our place. You can’t really see it, but there’s a big bluff back there with jutting rocks and pines. It’s gorgeous and this little jaunt through our farm is a drive I never get tired of. The place has a lot of landscapes that are so beautifully rugged, they could be from a movie scene. No picture I can capture would be capable of displaying how peaceful and serene it is.

We had a LOT of rain last week. A foot, to be exact. This is Fox Creek, after which we named our farm. Fox Creek Farm. The farmer wanted to call it Fox Creek Dairy, but I didn’t want to be tied down like that. I like to keep my options open. You know, just in case I wanted to raise ferrets or something. Plus, we’ve added some beef cattle to the mix now and it just wouldn’t be right. We have an anti-discrimination policy here.

This is our means of transportation on the farm. Are ya ready? Are ya ready??

She’s been dubbed The Badger and folks, you have to be someone real special to be able to get your hands on one of these gems.

She takes a lot of abuse, but her place on the farm is of high importance. Every journey is an African safari.

Did I mention that it’s a wonderful place to raise a child? However, I think I really need to start socializing Peanut more. She converses with the cows. They moo, she moos.

I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about this yet.

One thought on “Scenes from the Farm

  1. I love our farm in the Spring too! Nothing like it!! Although, with all the rain, the river has come up into the bottom fields, so high it’s been covering the fences and gates…so it’s gonna be a while before we have some of those pretty flowers in places!
    Great post, I loved it!

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