Miles’ Night Out

This is what the farmer usually sees every morning before he starts milking. So, you can imagine his surprise when he looks out into the holding pin and sees this in the herd:

That’s Miles. He’s 2,000 lbs. of Hereford bull and he’s one of my favorite animals on the farm. He’s HUGE, but he’s sweet.

This guy got to hang out with our dairy ladies the other night due to a tree falling on the fence that separated our beef cattle from our dairy cows. He usually enjoys the company of our Brangus cows. They look like this.

Putting Miles with a cow like this will give us these.

Black Baldys Baldies? (I’ve learned that, in farming, grammatically correct is not always correct. Never before have I suffered from so much self-doubt!)

Anyway, back to my story.

Unfortunately, Miles had a little too good of a time with a few of our dairy cows and I saw it as a teaching opportunity for all of you because I learned something.

What happens when a beef bull breeds a dairy cow? Well, the obvious, folks!

The farmer doesn’t want these. So, we’ll have to use a little drug called Lutalyse. Basically, this is an emergency contraceptive for cows, as I understand it. It causes a cow to cycle which essentially releases the fertilized egg. It can also be used to synchronize all of our cows so we can expect calves all around the same time. Pregnant women take extreme risk being around Lutalyse as it could possibly cause a woman to abort, also.

So, there’s my dairy-farming lesson for today and an opportunity to introduce you to Miles, who doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the ladies. I’m sure you’ll get to see him again from time to time. Just hopefully not in the holding pin of the dairy barn.

Much love,

The Dairymaid

2 thoughts on “Miles’ Night Out

  1. Bringing back memories! Not good. Thinking of Farmer’s Daddy’s response! Good time as a kid to keep your mouth shut and do things so right!

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