Peanut’s First Day at the Creek

We were at the farm on Saturday and decided to take Peanut to the creek.

She’d never been before and I was looking for any excuse to put her new little bathing suit on her.

We had surprise guests, too.

The farmer’s sister, Teahna, is in for a visit and these are her two kids, Eli & Emmy. Aren’t they cute?

Eli has these heart-breaker dimples that I just love…little lady-killer.

Little Peanut didn’t know what to think. The water was COLD!! My feet started hurting after only a few minutes of standing in it.

She took a liking to it pretty quick, though. Her and Daddy are the best of buds and if he likes something, she always decides to like it, too. (Meanwhile, I’m trying to convince the farmer to get me a pool.)

Just in case you didn’t know this already, these are the two loves of my life.

Can’t feel my toes,

The Cold-Water Sissy

4 thoughts on “Peanut’s First Day at the Creek

  1. Im just hoping Landrie has as many, if not more, rolls than Tae-Tae!! I love these pics and so glad you guys had fun! Cant wait to get some hang out time with you soon!! I miss you! Love you bunches!

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