Family and 4th of July Festivities

For the last several years, the farmer and I have been going to my cousin’s house for 4th of July.

That’s Alisha, my cousin, but I consider her one of my sisters. You can’t tell from this picture, but she’s 9 months pregnant. In late July or early August, we’re expecting Baby Grayson and we can’t wait for him to get here!

This is John, Alisha’s husband (aka Grayson’s daddy). We’re happy he likes to grill cuz’ we like to eat. Hi John!

Anyway, we come over here and we visit, eat, and blow up things. It’s a lot of fun!

Uncle Mike brought over Hillbilly Golf. It’s a fun game and several played that while all the food was cooking.

Look at the sheer determination on the farmer’s face. He takes this stuff seriously. My brother-in-law? Not so much. (See below)

Idn’t he pretty? (My sister’s sunglasses)

This is me and my sis, Bailey. Idn’t she cute?

Jason and Bailey got married in January, so he’s a new addition.

Speaking of new additions…

This is Landrie. She usurped Peanut’s role of being the only baby girl in the family, but Peanut still says they can be pals. Unless the farmer tries to hold Landrie and then it’s on! Now if I’m holding Landrie, everything’s perfectly fine, but if the farmer has her, Peanut acts like it’s the worst kind of betrayal ever and the tears flow. Just call me Chopped Liver.

See? Everything’s right in the world.

This is Chelsey, my other cousin. She might as well be my other sister and she’s also Landrie’s momma.

This is my dad and my step-mom, Mandy. She’s pretty great and I don’t know what I would do without her. Love you too, Dad!

And you all know who these two are.

Gotta love the family get-togethers,

The Dairymaid

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