Two of My Very Favorite Things

I have a confession to make: I like tanning beds. I use to frequent them in the summertime because I’m almost albino if I don’t. Not quite, but almost.

But then, I got pregnant (no-no on the tanning bed) and now, I just don’t have time with raising a child and all. So, I resorted to using sunless tanning.

I had to learn the technique that worked best for me for putting this stuff on without looking like I had some strange disease that turned my ankles all orange in random spots. (It still kinda does it, but not to the extent where I’m embarrassed.)

I’ve used several kinds, but was never really satisfied. Either, I just couldn’t get a certain one to look right or it smelled really awful after the initial application. I think one time Farmer told me I smelled like freshly mown hay. Not really the fragrance I was shooting for.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce you to two of my very bestest friends. These two bronzers compose the perfect recipe to give me a healthy glow in the summertime.

Whoa! That picture is big! This can be found at Victoria’s Secret. It’s $12 and I’m comfortable with that. I’m sure there might be better bronzers out there but this is the best one for what I’m willing to spend. This is what I use on my body. My technique with the feet is to either put lotion on and it decreases the weirdness or I just put it on the tops of my feet and don’t rub it all around my ankle and the knobby parts of my foot where it can get extra orange. Mind you, it will still not look perfect, but it will look pretty good. Other than your feet, though, if you’re not lazy about applying it, it does not streak and it smells REALLY good.

This is what I use on my face:

You can find this at Sephora and it’s $14. I had tried a lot of facial tanners and since I have acne prone skin, they would make me break out something awful. Then, I found this. All I do is just spray it all over my face and it turns it tan in a matter of hours. You can also use it all over your body, but I think the Victoria’s Secret tanner gives you a deeper, darker look. This is my fave because it doesn’t break my skin out and for that I will be eternally loyal. It’s also light on my face, not greasy like some of the other things I’ve tried.

If you’re looking for a glow, I couldn’t recommend two better things for the money.

Subject change:

Remember this girl?

Well, she had her baby yesterday! Little Grayson John is here! We couldn’t be more excited or happy for the new parents. Congratulations, John and Alisha! Let me tell ya, the little guy is CUTE! I’ll have pictures for you all later.

Tan and excited,

The Dairy Maid

One thought on “Two of My Very Favorite Things

  1. LOVE this post. Do more of this. lol This is so helpful. I am also annoyed at the gross smell that self tanners seem to emit, especially when I sweat, ICK. And freshly mown hay smells wayyyy better than self tanner lol

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