Opinions, Please

As some of you know, our house in the city is under contract!!! And this is when I plunge in full-boar with my new project! This:

This is the Little House, as we refer to it and I can’t wait to move in, but as most of you well know, I’m a planner and I love to decorate. In my head, I’ve already started. It may be small, but it’s not going to be short on style… my style, anyway. The first place I’ve really started to decorate in my head is the kitchen. Since I became a stay-at-home mom, I’ve realized that I actually love to cook and that I’m pretty good at it. Who knew? I sure didn’t. So, I wanted the kitchen to be one of the areas that we spent a little more money on. The Farmer is obliging me. =)

I was looking through the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens and I found a picture that does an almost perfect job of portraying the kitchen I’ve been seeing in my head. It’s an awful picture because I had to scan it. So, just bear with me.

Can’t really tell a whole lot from that, can ya? My kitchen won’t have the two windows, but it will have french doors that leadย out to the deck, which will still let quite a bit of light in. I really like the colors a lot, the cabinets are exactly what I want, and I love the black countertops. I also want the paint color and I’m diggin’ the pendant lights. The only thing I won’t copy is the light blue ceiling. Again, I apologize for the quality of the picture, but it does help you have an idea about what I’m thinking.

So, again, I’ve been looking at dishes and I’d like to know what you think! Opinions are welcome and appreciated. I don’t want to pick out something ugly. If you think it’s ugly, tell me. I’m thick-skinned. These are 3 that I’ve found that I really like. Take your pick of the following letters:



d. I hate them all!

I might have to change the paint color a little if you all like the orange ones best, because the paint in the picture already looks like it has a tad bit of a rust tinge to it. But, currently, those are my final picks and I would love your help!

Meanwhile, the farmer is getting everything in order to start building while dealing with a crazed person who plans EVERYTHING. I’m just excited!! Finally, after 2 and a half years, we get to be together again!! A few very wise people have told me that if your marriage can survive through building a house together, then you’re good from there. Honestly, I’m starting to see why. Even though the farmer wants us to be down there with him badly, he’s a walking stress-ball. Stress + the farmer = quite cranky. (I haven’t really been sugary sweet myself. It’s that stinkin’ patience thing again.) He’s going to be doing the majority of the work himself and he wants to have it done by March at the latest. In the meantime, I’ll be temporarily moving in with my step-mom and dividing my time between there and the farm.

That’s Mandy, my step-mom.

Ready for the country life,

The Dairy Maid

P.S. If you haven’t seen the Little House and would like to see more pictures of it, it’s in a post that I did a while back, titled “The Little House.”

13 thoughts on “Opinions, Please

  1. Hi Breauna. Your Little House is super cute and cozy. As for my opinion on the dishes, I love the second set the best. Although, the last set has sort of a refreshing look with the natural leaves. Not liking the burnt orange at all. Hope my opinion helps a little. Good luck with your adventures on the farm:)

  2. I’m so like you, I’d be planning everything out already too. I’d be sketching it all down, where I wanted to put things on the walls, everything! I’m sure I’ll drive some man very crazy some day (we can hope at least!)!!
    Anyway, I’ve got an opinion for you! I LOVE that kitchen! I even really like that blue ceiling ๐Ÿ™‚ However, if you’re thinking you’ll omit the blue ceiling, I would choose the green & white set of dishes. I really like those, and they’d look pretty with the brown walls & black counter tops.
    Just my two cents!! Oh, and those lights are super snazzy!!

    • Thank you, Bekah! I like the blue ceiling, too, but the kitchen will be open to the living room and there’s not really a spot where I could cut the blue paint off. Otherwise, I love blue and tan/brown together. And thanks for your opinion! I’m a sucker for green. The only room in my house that doesn’t sport that color is Taegan’s. lol

  3. I like the second ones the best. They remind me more of “you” than the other ones. Seems like they would be the easiest to like for a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think Mandy’s right about being able to use the second option for the longest time. Although, how are you going to eat cereal out of any of those bowls except for the orange one?!! They seem so shallow! Lol!

      • Good point Bekah! I like the style of the (a) but just having trouble loving the orange? I couldn’t live without cereal…aka dinner, most nights!

  4. The house is going to be cozy and adorable! I can’t wait to see it when it’s all finished and you guys are up for company! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, here’s my two cents…1) The kitchen idea looks way cute. I think the blue ceiling is kind of random though. 2) As far as the plates go, the second set speaks to me! I’m a bit of a filligree/damask junkie myself though ๐Ÿ™‚ andddd 3) DID YOU SEE THAT THE PIONEER WOMAN IS GOING TO HAVE A SHOW !?!?!?! LOL!

    • You all are welcome as soon as we’re in it! We’d love to have you. The floral damask seems to be the general consensus. I like them a lot, too. And yes, I watched Pioneer Woman Saturday and will continue to watch it til it no longer airs! lol I’m obsessed with her and her family!

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