Just Some Pictures and Some Commentary

The farmer and I had a pretty uneventful Labor Day. His sister and her family were in from Tennessee, so I drove down to see them for a bit before they had to leave and then we just spent the rest of the day being as lazy as farmers can be, which is not very lazy. And that’s good for me because I am usually a total spaz. To sit down just about kills me. Well, I guess that’s not completely true. I’m sitting now because I’ve taken up blogging.

And I will also sit if there’s a good movie on.

I will also sit if there’s food in front of me.

And I will ALWAYS sit if there’s an opportunity for the farmer and I to go driving around while drinking…

A Red Bull, that is.

Piece by piece, everything is coming together slowly for us to start the “Little House.” We had to push back the closing date of our house in the city, but hopefully everything still goes as planned.

And now for a few pictures that I took on Monday.

This picture is actually a momentous occasion because the farmer is just now able to pay me absolutely no attention when I have a camera in my hand. I thought the day would never come. Camera’s make the farmer self-conscious, but I think he’s grown more comfortable with the fact that I will always be chasing him all over the farm, camera in tow. It helps when Peanut is doing something cute that distracts him, but I like this picture because it’s just the farmer. As he is. This is the “t-shirt and jeans” uniform he wears every day while working and the look he wears on his face most of the time. Content and pensive.

Does this kid look like she needs that? (Disclaimer: This can is empty. Peanut just likes to play with the cans. If I could bottle whatever “stuff” Peanut is on, Red Bull would pale in comparison and I would be a gajillionaire. People would thank me.)

Who needs a rocking horse when you have a life-size deer to ride? Let me tell you, there have been countless mornings where it’s not quite light out yet, that I have mistaken that stinkin’ thing for a real one.

We were in the Badger getting all the cows and this just kinda struck me as a pretty picture. Those are our Jerseys and a piece of our farm. Up on the hill is the dairy barn and not too far from that is where our little house is going to be built. Here before too long, I hope to get a different lens and capture some better, wider pictures because the farm is surrounded by Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. Rugged and beautiful.

I didn’t take this Monday, but it’s cute and I love it, so I’m gonna’ post it anyway.

Ready for Fall,

The Dairy Maid

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Lay it on me.

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