Revenge: My Latest Guilty Pleasure

I’m not talking about my own personal greivances with people. I’m talking about a new show that started on ABC. It’s called Revenge.


I had seen the previews on during the summer, but didn’t think I would like the show just because I didn’t see how they could take the storyline very far. My best friend watched the show, though, and told me that she actually really liked it. I’m always looking for good shows to watch, so I told her I would give it a try. I’m glad I did! I definitely got sucked in.

The pilot episode begins with a scene that you don’t really understand because it’s taking place months after the main character, Emily Thorn (aka Amanda Clarke) arrives in the Hamptons. Little is known about her other than the fact that she’s renting a beach house and she’s new in town. As the plot deepens, you find out that Emily Thorn is actually Amanda Clarke. (No one in the town knows this expect one person, Nolan Ross.) When Amanda was a little girl, her father was framed for contributing money to a terrorist group that hijacked a plane and killed over 200 people. She was taken away from him and the show hasn’t gone on long enough for me to know what happened to her after that.

She has a lot of flashback memories throughout the show and one of them is the first time she meets Nolan, who figures out who she is at the end of the first episode. He met her at the juvenile detention center when she got out (for what, I don’t know yet), told her that her dad had died 6 weeks ago, and gave her a box that he left full of pictures, videos, and a journal that he left telling her everything about how his group of “friends” were able to send him to jail for the rest of his life. He was a very wealthy man and informs her that now she will be able to live the kind of life she was meant to. He wants her to forgive, but she can’t do that and sets out to ruin everyone that framed her father.

Nolan Ross is an odd character in the story. I don’t know much about him yet other than he was very young when he graduated from MIT. He started a tech company and is now the richest man in the world. He tells Amanda when she gets out of jail that her dad was the only person that ever believed in him. He gave him the money to start his company and now Amanda has 49% ownership interest in it. Needless to say, she’s filty rich. Nolan figures out what “Emily” is up to and wants to help her take down all the high-society people he can’t stand. In the first two episodes, they’re kind of on a “frenemy” basis. She doesn’t want his help, but doesn’t want to make an enemy out of him, either.

 So far in the show, she’s ruined two people. To find out who and why, you’ll have to play catch-up. I recommending watching the show online. The villianess in the show is a lady named Victoria. She’s referred to as Queen Victoria in the Hamptons and she is immediately suspicious of Emily. She is Emily’s main target because she played a pivotal role in getting her father framed. (He was in love with her.) Emily starts dating her son and I don’t really know yet how all that’s going to play out.

The show is heavily weaved between the future, present, and past. It’s hard to explain to you what it’s about because some things I don’t know yet and then other scenes don’t quite make sense. I find out more every time I watch and the puzzle pieces start fitting together. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s wanting to watch a good show.

Another thing I like about it is the fact that I can’t figure out Emily. It’s been seven years since she got out of jail when she ends up at the Hamptons. The viewer has no idea what she did in the meantime, except become very polished and poised. Like she was raised in an affluent environment. I also can’t figure out whether Emily is good or bad. At the end of every show, I wonder if she’s 100% evil like Queen Victoria. Although, to be able to outsmart Victoria, she may have to be.

The characters of Revenge are complex and puzzling, the story line thickens every time I watch it, and I can’t wait to watch the next episode to learn more. I highly recommend that you tune in. If you’ve missed the first two episodes, watch them online or you’ll be lost. Otherwise, it comes on Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. central time on ABC.

Love ya!

The Dairymaid

P.S. I left a lot of the details out because this post would probably be about 20,000 words by the time I wrote every juicy detail.

One thought on “Revenge: My Latest Guilty Pleasure

  1. Hmmm…alright, I’ll watch it! I felt the same way you did at first, not really sure that I cared much about it. But, since you say it’s so good, I’ll try it! (And I’ll probably like it & that will be one more thing I want to watch every week!!! So thanks a lot! Haha!)

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