It’s Becoming a Problem

My birthday is near the end of the month, but I got my birthday present early in the mail today. Here are my new darling dears:

It’s slightly small, but I saw them at Dillards and drooled. I said, “I must have those!” They’re Steve Madden “Candence” boots and I love them because they go with virtually anything. Even black. I’m practical like that. Plus, with as much as I wear cowboy boots these days, I need to feel like there’s  still some “city” surviving in me. Something that speaks to me and says, “You’re still classy, trendy, and girly! I make you look HOT!”

Did I need them?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

6 thoughts on “It’s Becoming a Problem

  1. Sure ya did….it’s not like you went out and purchased all of those boots at one time. It’s an eclectic collection built over time. It’s not like you can wear the pink knitted ones, with the pom-poms, with that amazing sweater dress, right? I love your new boots!!!!

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