Favorite Eye Makeup: The Works

I love eye makeup. I love that it plays up my otherwise kind of boring, gray eyes and mascara makes my super-fine, hard-to-notice lashes look long and voluminous. Eye makeup amplifies the most interesting part of our faces: our eyes. Ladies, do any of your husbands/boyfriends seem to have the most amazing eyes? And you wonder: How is that fair? Long, thick, beautiful lashes? A unique eye color? Naturally shaped, pretty eyebrows? A part of me thinks that’s maybe subconsciously why I married my husband. He’s got some big, beautiful, blue peepers and the committee for gene improvement inside of me said, “Yes! We’ll take him!” (I think they might have been onto something, don’t you?) I just thought he had nice teeth.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things that I will never, ever stray from (unless they discontinue it, which always seems to happen).

First, because it’s the first step, I happened upon this a year ago.

It’s Sephora Eye Perfecting Primer. I didn’t even know eye primer existed until I was talking to a friend one day about how I hated that my eyeshadow always creased in my eyelids or that I couldn’t get really glittery eye shadow to stay on my eyelid. It always seemed to end up on my cheek by mid day. She told me what she used, but I ended up finding this and liked the price better, too. This stuff has been a miracle worker in my makeup bag. I just put a little dibbly dab on each eyelid and start my eye makeup process. Now, my eyeshadow looks freshly applied all day. I’m talking 12 hours in, folks. It’s good stuff. I’ve also read you can put it under your eye if your liner tends to end up in your under-eye creases, but I don’t seem to have that problem with the eyeliner I use.

This is it. It’s cheap and I love it. As far as eyeliner goes, Revlon has a loyal customer.

I use black cuz that’s just the kind of girl I am. The black-brown color works well for drama, too. When it comes to my eyes, I like lots of drama. This. liner. stays. put. I have to remove it with makeup removing towelettes and they’re not just pulling your leg with the whole 16 hour staying power stuff. (Revlon should probably hire me for my rhyme based marketing talents.) After the primer, I line my upper and lower lid with this and I ain’t sorry.

After the liner, I usually apply this little foursome.

It’s Maybelline Natural Smokes. My favorite. I wear this combo with everything. It looks brown, but it actually goes on very neutral. But smokey. Neutral + smokey = perfection in my book. Do I wear all 4 colors at the same time? Um, of course. This is me you’re talking to. Miss Heavy Hand. I apply it just like it tells you to. And then I re-line my eyes again after I put it on. Yeah, when I was out in corporate America, I went through the eyeliner like it was nobody’s business.

After that little process, I apply my favorite mascara. There might be better mascaras out there. I don’t know. All I know is that for the money I’m willing to spend, this is my fave.

It’s Lash Blast Fusion by Covergirl. I get the blackest I can find, which I believe is called Very Black. There’s Black and then there’s Very Black. I promise I’m not goth. This stuff makes my spindly little lashes go “WA CHA!” Love it. Love it. Love it.

Well, there ya have it! I know all of you were just dying to know. I also pretty much ran the gamut as far as grocery store brands go, but when I find good stuff, I have to share. And makeup is something I LOVE.  (Mind you, I really don’t wear lipstick much. I may wear kind of a sheer, pink lipgloss because I’m all about balance. Lots of eye makeup with lots of lipstick is against my religion. I just can’t pull it off without looking like a clown. Some women can. I can’t.)

I hope you all have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend! Ta ta til next week!

Eye love I makeup,

The Dairymaid

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement. However, I will take some royalties if Revlon decides to use my slogan. Unless they’ve already used it and I’m completely clueless. The likelihood of that is quite large.


Copyright. Breauna Krider. 10/28/11

4 thoughts on “Favorite Eye Makeup: The Works

  1. I need to give this primer stuff a try…I thought about it in the past, but figured it might be just adding a an extra step I don’t have time for… HOWEVER, if you say it’s worth it, it must be true! My eyeshadow does that horrible creasing thing, too!

  2. I love this post. I love eye makeup, passionately. This is a good thing, because bellydancers wear a LOT of eye makeup. I love the palette of your eyeshadow tho, it reminds me of a beloved one I used to wear. Perhaps I’ll have to pick some of that up… -kate

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