Peanut was an eskimo for Halloween. However, the reason that I posted this picture was the look on her face. This is the face that Peanut has worn  all the Halloweens of her short little life so far. It’s anxiety-ridden and I’m starting to wonder if my child will even like Halloween. The face might also have a little bit to do with this…

My cousin, Alisha, dressed up for Halloween. Alisha has always loved Halloween because it also happens to be her birthday. She dressed up as a nerd and wore this ensemble to work in order to get two paid hours off. U can’t tell from this picture, but she’s got her jeans  rolled up at the bottom and hiked up past her belly button held there by checkered suspenders. She looked hilarious. You do “nerd” quite well, Alisha. Quite well. Peanut was probably wondering why Auntie Alisha seemed so out of character.

Here’s about the only smile we got out of her all evening. Of course, it was with Daddy.

Oh look, folks! She came out from behind the camera!”

After we were done at my aunt’s house, we ran over to my mom’s real quick. Landon was a fire dog, but all you can see in my picture is this big, red blur because the kid can’t hold still for 2 seconds. My sister dressed up as a cat. She was going to the Halloween party with Landon.

After Mom’s house, we ended up at our final destination. Ever since middle school, I have been going to my best friend’s parent’s house on Halloween. Her mom makes chili, we visit, and a good time is had by all. Maddi (my best friend) taught me the tasty goodness of scooping up a heaping pile of chili on a Dorito and shoving it in my mouth. I can’t eat chili without Doritos now. It just wouldn’t be right. She also taught me that french fries are really good dipped in ranch (only middle schoolers can get away with eating that without consequences) and that friends don’t care how you look when spaghetti is hanging out of your mouth because you chose not to twirl it around your fork.

Our daughters are 3 months apart, so we thought we’d keep our little Halloween tradition going. They both seem to feel the same way about Halloween. Apparently, it’s for the birds.

Avie was a duck hunter. (That was a really bad joke, guys. I’m sorry.) We did take them trick or treating, though. I felt so silly because when they’re this little, everyone knows that it’s really going to be the parent that eats all the candy. But, this seemed to be the one part of the evening in which the girls remained pretty pleasant. And Maddi and I got to peek at the interior of everyone’s houses. I’m pretty sure this is why I went, anyway. If you see me leering outside your house on Halloween, I’m just getting ideas. I mean you no harm.

Halloween will actually be one thing I miss about living in the city. I love handing out candy. I think it’s so much fun to see all the kids in their costumes. But, I guess I’ll just have to stick to our annual Halloween tradition with our city friends and be glad that right now, Peanut couldn’t care less about candy.


The Girl Who Uses Halloween to Get a Few Decorating Ideas

P.S. You know you do it!

P.P.S. Right…?

Copyright. Breauna Krider. 11/2/11

6 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Those pictures are super sweet, especially the smiling one of daddy- and the pretty one of you! I was sort of amazed/horrified this year by how easy it is to reap a vast harvest of candy in the city as a baby. Or with a toddler, in my case. Seriously, as I am sure you can understand it took hours to get like a tiny brown bag full of candy when I trick-or-treated growing up. Here we did one block and got a truly disgusting quantity. Totally insane. -kate

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