Our Regular Little Farmhands

We have some boys that work for us on a regular basis. They had a dairy in Wisconsin before they moved to Missouri, so they’re excellent help and we count on them a lot. This post isn’t about them, though. This post is about our little farmhands.

You all know Peanut.

She loves to be out with our bottle calves. We put her to work, too! She may only be 18 months, but she can carry a bottle and she knows how to follow people.

She’s also very good about carrying empty bottles back to the barn.

This is my nephew, Foster. Him and his sister are almost always at the farm on the weekends. This gun never leaves his side, so we’re all very well-protected. I told him to strike a pose for this picture and that’s what he did. (I had to explain to him what “strike a pose” meant.) He takes his job very seriously.

He can feed a bottle calf by himself and really enjoys helping the farmer in the milk barn. This child is also crazy-smart, so now that you’ve met him, I might have to share some of the funny things he says from time to time. For example, a guy at church gave him a fishing lure that looked like a small fish. He told me that he had named it Moby Dick. He’s 6…

This is Kalyssa, Foster’s lil sis. On the weekends that I’m down there, she usually adopts me as her mother and Peanut becomes her sister. It’s cute and we feel honored. Kalyssa is my little gopher if I ever need her to get me anything while I’m dealing with Peanut. She’s always right there, like my little shadow. She’s not quite strong enough to handle our rowdy little calves when they’re eating, so the farmer’s uncle had to help her. She’s not a big fan of being in the milk barn; the cows scare her. However, if we’re bottle feeding, she’s right there to lend a hand. And oh my, have a I found a baby sitter for Peanut later on. Kalyssa is always aware of where Peanut is and what she’s doing.

And this is good because Peanut can be quite ornery sometimes.

The Dairymaid

Copyright. Breauna Krider. 11/7/11

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