n\Update on Roses (My review so far)

Things have been crazy around here lately. Not only have I been totally enveloped in my book, I’ve had to clean like a mad woman for house showings, do some minor Christmas shopping, and deal with my teething toddler. My lack of activity on the blog is apparent. I’ve also been writing down tips and advice for my daughter (in case anything were to ever happen to me) that will hopefully give her some guidance and make her life easier if she has to live some of it without me. It’s a very interesting project because, in a way, I’m learning about myself, too. I recommend trying it and seeing what you come up with. I think I’ll share with you all what I come up with.

Anyway, I’m really liking this book I’m reading. Roses. I don’t really know that I would compare it to Gone With the Wind, though. To me, it kinda stands alone. That, and the leading female is a lot more likeable than Scarlett O’Hara. Even though the back of the book says that Mary and Percy never end up together, you silently root for them all the way through their parts of the book. The romantic, hopeful side of me just keeps thinking that somehow they’ll make it to each other. It’s a very tragic, heart wrenching love story and the writer, Leila Meacham, does a really good job of making you feel the same feelings the characters are feeling. And the irony of it all. I’ve just reached the part where the book switches to a new generation. I’m about 3/4 done. (Note: If you want to strengthen your vocabulary, this book is a good one for it. I’ve had to get out the ol’ dictionary a few times and I’m no slouch when it comes to words in the English language.)

Now, I’m just hoping for a happy ending with the new generation of Warwicks and Tolivers. I can’t help it. Happy endings make me…well…happy. And I like to be happy. Tragic endings make me want to burn books and hate myself for wasting my time reading something that made me depressed. Think Thorn Birds. The movie Seven Pounds put me in funk for days. (Mind you, it was a wonderful movie, but one that I’ll be ok only seeing once in my life. Horribly tragic. ) There are enough depressing things to cope with in life. Books have always been a form of escapism for me and I like to escape to a happy place. Or a highly suspenseful place. It really just depends.

I would tell you a lot more about the book, but I know some of you might want to read it. I may say more when I finally finish it. A book report of sorts.

Just wanting to let you know I’m still alive,

The Dairymaid

One thought on “n\Update on Roses (My review so far)

  1. Welcome back! Your post caught my eye as my son bought ‘Roses’ for me for Mother’s Day – a neat way to give your mother roses – huh! He knows how I love to read and I had intended to take it on vacation but as we ended up on a driving tour of the Great American West, I never even opened it. I can’t wait to hear your final analysis and if it’s as good as you seem to indicate, I’ll pick it up after nanowrimo is over – i.e. December!

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