A Few Things I Would Like My Daughter to Know

I stated in my last post that I was compiling some tips and advice for my daughter if anything were to ever happen to me. It’s tough because there’s just so much, yet when I sit down to write it, it doesn’t seem to come easily (for me, anyway.) The subject matter is a little heavier than what I usually write, but I wanted to share and I’m hoping that maybe some of you can help me add to it.

1. Love the Lord with all of your being. He is the best friend you will ever have and He only wants to give you good things. Talk to Him throughout the day as would to an old friend who understands you deeply.

2. Have Lala (that’s my mom, by the way) teach you how to put on makeup. She can also teach you how to walk gracefully in heels.

3. Be kind. But don’t be so kind that you lose your self-respect. People will take advantage of you and you will only hate yourself for feeling weak.

4. If in school you have a bully, first go to Lala or Nanny, so it can be handled in a calm, peaceful way. If this approach doesn’t stop the problem, tell your dad.

5. Read your Bible every day. No matter where you are in the book, He always seems to tell you something that applies specifically to you.

6. If your dad doesn’t approve of what you’re wearing, I will not either.

7. If you want to hear some good childhood stories, Aunt Bailey’s full of them.

8. Your beauty takes my breath away.

9. Proactiv got rid of my acne.

10. Talk to your dad about everything. He somehow is able to relate to the opposite sex. It’s one of his best attributes. Being a girl is easy with your father. He may not always understand everything you throw at him, but he’ll do a dang good job of trying. That’s why I chose him. You are blessed every day to have him in your life.

11. Be a lady always.

12. Be quietly confident. Nobody likes an ego or a braggart.

13. When you start comparing yourself, your accomplishments, or your possessions to other people and their accomplishments or possessions, try not to get down. It helps to think about what you are able to do or have that they don’t. There’s always something.

14. When you realize you’re being tempted in life or you find yourself thinking bad thoughts, say a little prayer to Jesus and ask him to get the devil away from you. Then, start singing a hymn. This always worked for me.

15. Your conscience is how God talks to you. Listen.

16. The only man I could wish for you would be one just like your father. Find him and you will have something precious.

17. Try your best to learn from other people’s mistakes. It’s how I made a lot of good decisions in my life.

18. On the phone, the proper way to say that you are the person someone is calling for is to say, “This is she.” Please don’t say, “This is her.” It makes me cringe.

19. Always help someone in need if you have the ability to. You never know if he/she is an angel.

20. Know that I think you are able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. If you fail, think about it this way. You were tenacious and you went for it. If something kept you from achieving it, it was probably because it wasn’t in your control anymore. If you do succeed, remember that you didn’t get there alone. Give the Lord the credit.

That’s all I’ve got for now. What things would you like your daughter to know?

The Dairymaid

Copyright. Breauna Krider. 11/19/11

4 thoughts on “A Few Things I Would Like My Daughter to Know

  1. When you are scared, and facing something new, and you don’t know how you are going to get through it..”.just fake it till you make it”…..it really does work. Just picture how you think someone who is good at it would do it, and step out in faith. No one will never know, and you don’t need to tell them. Then silently praise God for giving you wings.

    • That is a good one. I forgot about “Fake it til ya make it.” I’ll have to add that. And before you know it, you’re not having to fake it anymore because it just comes naturally. =)

  2. Do you mind if I write something to Landrie? I might be considered a copycat.. but don’t worry! It won’t be exact 😉 i Love you!!

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