The Doldrums of January and Other Utter Randomness

Hi everyone! You probably wondered if I was ever going to write again! I wish I could tell you  that I was doing something so exciting that I didn’t have time to write, but that would not be the case. Just a bad run of “lack of motivation” and “no inspiration.” (Does that sound like a bad country song to anyone but me?) The doldrums of winter put me in the doldrums if I’m not busy enough. Having a toddler makes for a very busy person, but it doesn’t always leave the mental energy for sensational writing. By the time Peanut takes a nap everyday, I’m ready to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb. The kid can run circles around the farmer and I. And we’re no slouches. We knew we’d have a total spaz. There was no way when you mixed the two of us that we could have anything other than a spaz. She’s not crazy, like running-around-the-house-yelling-at-the-top-of-her-lungs-and-climbing-the-curtains crazy. She’s just very busy. VERY busy. And I, naturally, need to be busy, too. If I so much as sit down, she’s there telling me to get back up and make myself useful. If I’m washing dishes or doing laundry, that satisfies her. So, as long as I’m busy, too, all is well. She’s a slave driver, I tell ya! We’ll be glad to have all that extra energy when she’s able to start helping around the farm, though. You know what they say about pay backs. 😉

Yesterday, our builder started on our house at the farm. Very exciting! We’re hoping to be in it by the end of April, weather permitting. It’s going to be a change for both of us once we’re living together again. We haven’t actually been together every day for 3 years now. I’m pretty certain my beloved has reverted back to his bachelor ways. It’s going to be an adjustment for both of us. However, I am prepared for this. The rose-colored glasses are not on. We truly are best buds, though. So, knowing that we’ll be around each other 24/7 if we so choose doesn’t worry us at all. In fact, we kinda’ like it that way. I think he’s hilarious and I love making him roll his eyes at my shenanigans. Talking for the cattle. Narrating his every move documentary style.

Think Steve Irwin. Even the most mundane activity becomes exciting when you throw in  a “Crikey!” here and there.

I like this one, too. If you say “raise up lights” really fast, it sounds like “razor blades” with an Aussie accent. You just tried it, didn’t you?

Before it got old, we would be riding around the farm and all of a sudden, I would jump up, point ahead at maybe a rock in the road, and yell, “Crikey! Raise up lights!!” like I just saw a gator in the road. The fact that I said razor blades with the same tone of fear that would have been more fitting for a pit viper struck me as hilarious and I died laughing. (I never cease to crack myself up. I’ve always been good at entertaining myself at my own expense. That makes sense, right?) I can crack the farmer up most of the time, too, but I do this kind of stuff more for a look that I absolutely thrive on. If you know my husband, you know exactly what look this is. His eyes get about twice their normal size and he starts blinking really fast. Like if he blinks enough, he didn’t just see….what he just saw. It’s great. I go to great lengths for that look. And there are very few people that appreciate my sense of humor as much as he does, so really, I can be as goofy as I dang well please without judgement.

Speaking of cracking up…One day, the farmer was herding all the cows into the holding pen before milking. To get them to move a little faster, he got behind them and started making what only sounds like a farting noise. (I now know that all cattle-working folks are familiar with using this sound, but I was not. I am here to report that it is, indeed, effective.) Completely taken off-guard, I start laughing. And I can’t stop. I giggle as we drive all the way back up the drive way. I’m such a child. I bet you if he did it tomorrow and I was completely prepared for it, I still wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face. Good night, Irene.

HOLY MOLEY! How did I get so off track here??

I don’t even know what I’m talking about. The house, maybe? Any way, I’ll be taking pictures of the process/progress. I would ask you for your opinions about colors and doors and cabinets and such, but, honestly, I’m way too much of a control freak. So, I’m basically going to be showing you everything I’ve decided on. You’re gonna love it! I just know it!

Speaking of love, I read The Hunger Games. I need you to read it, too.


Okay, enough of the mindless ravings of a lunatic. Contrary to this post, winter time does make me suffer from a fair amount of writers block. I would love it if any of you had any questions or suggestions for me. Anything at all about dairy farming, books, decorating, cooking, photography, etc. I’m game for anything. I’m basically just asking what you would like to see more of. Pictures? Peanut? Animals? Recipes? Just leave me a comment and I won’t disappoint.

And I promise the next post will make more sense.

Missed ya,

The Dairymaid

6 thoughts on “The Doldrums of January and Other Utter Randomness

  1. This will come as no shock to you, but yes, I request more pictures. LOL
    And please tell me anything that keeps your spaz busy and quiet, because I also have a spaz. We should get them together to run each other ’til they nap lol

    • I know! I’ve been really wanting to come see you all again. But my child refuses to sleep in a pack and play now (maybe cuz she’s too long for it) and I don’t have her transitioned to a bed yet, soooo…..

      • I’m having the same issue! Cole won’t sleep anywhere but his crib! ….Andddd we have a FLIGHT to Philly and 3 days in a hotel there at the end of Feb. I’m hoping he’ll just get so exhausted that he’ll sleep where he lands… lol Yes, we’d love to see you all again!!!!!
        FYI, I just explained the “raise up lights” to Isaac and he about DIED laughing HAHAHA!

  2. I love hearing about your life on a farm! You make it sound so exciting, but I know it is mostly a lot of hard work! 🙂
    A lot of motels do have small cribs you can request!! We used to travel a lot for my husband’s work, and I loved it when the motel would have a crib. We would ask for an extra blanket and cover it completely, so it would be dark underneath and Toby would sleep under the little fort. lol I don’t really miss those days! So much work to pack for a week with a baby along!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Dewana! I know what you mean about not missing those days! Taegan has to have a box fan to sleep, so we haul that anywhere we go along with the kitchen cabinets! lol (Seems like anyway) I used to keep the road hot before she came along. The bright side: I save money because I have to get really motivated to go anywhere. ha

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