We’re Gettin’ There

Here are the latest pictures of the house.  I changed the siding color at the last minute because I’ve always been a little iffy about the clay color I was originally going to go with. I’ve found, in my decorating experience, that if I’m hesitating about something, I’m usually going to regret going ahead and doing it anyway. I’m not sorry I went with Savannah Wicker instead. It turned out gorgeous with the white trim. It’s starting to really look like the cute little cottage I had envisioned in my head. I have to do a quick little plug for RCK Construction. They’ve done such fast, exceptional work. Together with the farmer, they’ve made something tangible from my little idea and it’s everything I was thinking of. I believe I heard Ryan (our contractor) say one more week and he’s done with everything we hired him to do. After that, it’s just me and the farmer. If we don’t have any hang-ups, it’s projected that I will finally get to live with my husband again by around April 15th.

This is the front door I ordered. It was one of the more expensive things the farmer let me get away with. (I try him on every hand. Every chance I get. I get told “no” and “that’s not possible” a lot. Then I pout. ) I wanted a Craftsman-style door. I love Craftsman style houses. Tapered pillars. Rock work. Big wooden doors with glass. This door also has a little shelf that attaches right under the window. It’s darling. There’s a lot about the Craftsman style that’s very masculine. And being female, there’s something so cozy about that. Coming home to a house that wraps you up and protects you in it’s big, safe shell. Makes me think of my barrel-chested farmer and his big, strong arms.  Not to mention that the farmer and I both like this style of architecture because it seems to be the perfect blend of both our styles. He wouldn’t like that I wrote this, but the man has some decorating sense. I believe it to be so. He agrees with me 100% when I pick out things…98% of the time. And if he doesn’t like it, I tell him he has awful taste and walk away from it. Our home is filled with things we both very much like.

Back to the door,  don’t you just love the color? That beautifully awful mauve?

Don’t worry. That’s the primer color. Pink doors aren’t really my thing, but chocolate-brown ones are. It’s got a wood-grain texture, too, so it’s going to look really good once I get it painted.

Ryan threw this in for free just because he wanted to try something. He stamped our front porch and glazed? (I don’t know if that’s the correct terminology) it a really pretty brown color. It’s kinda’ dusty and dirty in this picture, but it looks really good and adds a lot more character than a plain ol’ gray cement porch could ever do. Seeing this made me want faux rock steps up to it and I think I’m gonna’ get ’em. Tee hee.

This is walking into the house through the front door. The living room starts as you walk in and that little square area with the sliding glass door is the kitchen. As you can see, it’s quite tiny. Building on is definitely in the cards for us.

Peanut’s future room.

The guest bedroom.

The bathroom.

The master bedroom. I couldnt get a full shot from the door but it goes to the left a little ways, too. It’s not as miniscule as the picture makes it look. It’s got a little alcove in the corner of wall behind the door where I’ll have a built-in bookcase.

This is the back of the house. The deck is the farmer’s favorite part of the house because he has a nice view of the pasture (read: where the deer reside.) I like this view, too, albeit for different reasons. We’re surrounded by towering pines and clear, grassy pastures that Ozark Mountains seem to just jut out of. The rugged beauty never gets old.

That’s the grand tour currently! It takes all of about 20 seconds to see the whole house.

What it’s lacking in size, though, is what it will not be lacking in cuteness.

I just can’t wait,

The Dairymaid

4 thoughts on “We’re Gettin’ There

  1. Well, I LOVE it!! And it’s happening so fast!! (Well, for me, it probably doesn’t seem fast to you!) It’s all very exciting! If you want to talk any decorating decisions out with someone, I’m here, or, if you need any opinions on anything, you know I’ll give you mine 😉

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