Kitchen Dilemma

I’m taking a poll because I can’t figure out what I like and I need help. I’ve got the color and the style of the kitchen cabinets picked out but I cannot decide on the countertops. It’s keeping me up at night!

Well, not really…. But I would love some opinions at this juncture.

So far my only two participants in this poll have left me with a hung jury.

These are the cabinet doors. This color is called Mushroom, but I think the color I picked out is just a tad bit lighter. Barely noticeable at all. This door looks like it has a glaze in the creases, too, and mine won’t.

My mother-in-law is a big fan of this color for the countertops. It’s called Girona Cavern. It’s supposed to look like marble, therefore, it’s very shiny. And it would be a cinch to clean. However, I worry about possibly scratching it. Can you scratch laminate?

My sister-in-law, Linda, picked this one. It’s called Parquet Cafe. It has a honed finish, so it’s very textured. Therefore, probably not quite as easy to clean, but it won’t scratch. She liked them both, but she liked the colors better on this one. I kind of like how it has blocks all in there, too.

Again, I need assistance. And I trust all of you, so please help me.

The Dairymaid

P.S. Sorry you’re not hearing much from me here lately. I’m being a little worker-bee trying to help wherever I can. Just bear with me til I actually live on the farm and then you’re going to wonder if I ever shut up. 😉

I don’t.

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Dilemma

  1. Well…it’s hard to decide!! But I think I like the Girona Cavern better. I just like the darker counters with the lighter cabinets. That’s just my two cents!! What are your other concerns? Just the scratching really? Because how often do you cut things on the counter top without something under them?

    • Well, just if my hand slips and I put a big cut mark in the countertop. I’m not the most graceful chopper… And of course everyone’s telling me they like the Girona Cavern best and Leslee’s telling me no because he knows me so well! lol

      • Haha, well I’m not a professional chopper either now that I think about it! I cut myself more than I do the counter though! Yikes 🙂 Lol! Are these your only 2 choices or are you thinking about looking some more? Are you ready to put in countertops already??!!! It’s going so fast!!!

      • Those are the two choices out of what seemed like thousands that I had it narrowed down to. We waited a little long to talk to our cabinet guy, so it could be up to 6 weeks before he can have them in for us. We started painting and flooring this weekend, though. Still hoping to be able to live there by mid to late April. Just won’t be able to use my kitchen yet, lol

    • I figured you had been through a zillion options, but I thought I’d ask! Mandy said you guys were working on it this weekend, it won’t be long now!!

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