Babies Feeding Babies

Over 4th of July, the farmer and I  had our two best friends here at the farm. They just happen to be married.

This is Madison. (Maddi, to me. :))

We met in the 6th grade when I had just moved to a new school in the middle of the semester. We had P.E. together and amidst a very loud locker room, introduced ourselves. I heard Danielle and she heard Barbara. Both of us were pretty sure that we hadn’t heard correctly. (I didn’t hear correctly at all! Madison… Danielle?? At least she got the first and the last letters right on my name!) Anyway, we didn’t realize we rode the same bus home until we got off at the same spot and I heard a girl yelling behind me, “Hey! Uhhh… I know you!” (Obviously apprehensive about calling me Barbara). So I turned around and we realized that we only lived two houses apart. From then on, we were pretty much inseperable. We both became fixtures at each other’s respective houses.

I moved away freshman year and came back my junior year and we picked up right where we left off. Not long after, Maddi met Aaron.

Shortly after that, Maddi and I introduced the farmer and Aaron on a double date we took. They hit it off and ever since then, Maddi and I have jokingly referred to them as the “married couple.” (That’s Aaron’s turkey he got this spring at our farm.)

That is the very short story of our friendship in a nutshell. We both have little girls now.

Avalynn was born almost exactly 3 months before Peanut. She’s a doll.

They all showed up right in the middle of milking, which was perfect, because Avie got to help feed our bottle calves. This is also one of Peanut’s favorite tasks.

Avie’s face says, “I am so totally capable of this.”

It would be a lot easier if the bottles weren’t just about as big as they are. These things are hard to maneuver for little hands! Peanut puts her whole body into it.

Turns out Avie’s confidence wasn’t a front! She’s a natural!

One time being shown and she’s good to go by herself.

This guy’s not a baby, but I had to throw these in here.

This is what happens when a newborn calf has never sucked a bottle before. The farmer has to make himself the squeeze chute. Then, he force-feeds the calf until it gets the hang of it itself.

Open wide! Here comes the airplane!!

I personally don’t like this aspect of bottle feeding. You end up covered in milk and calf slobbers. I have a thing about sticky milk. I no likey. So, I am perfectly content with letting the farmer have this job.

“Eat iiittt!” (said in my growly voice)

I assure you no animals were harmed in the making of these photos. (Well, except for the turkey.)

Sorry it’s been so long and house pics are coming right up for ya,

The Dairymaid

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