Fixing Fence With Daddy (In Peanut’s Voice)

When we build fence,

It’s a family affair.

If Mommy’s around,

She’s here and there.

“I just love this tree SOOOO much.”

She likes to snap pictures,

Of Daddy and me,

Huddled together,

Or hugging trees.

I’m great help,

Of that, I’m sure.

That is, if you can keep me

Out of manure.

When working hard,

Daddy’s very intense.

There ain’t nothin’ gettin’ through

That ol’ fence.

I stay right with Daddy.

I don’t give him much space.

At some point,

I always end up in the way.

I love my daddy.

He’s so much fun.

Fixing fence,

In the early-morning sun.

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