Outtakes from our Family Photo Shoot

So, anyone who has or has had a toddler knows how impossible family pictures are. Today, I’ve decided to showcase some of our family photo “spoofs” because although they’re not really ones I would send on my Christmas card, they give me a chuckle.


The farmer looks great other than the fact that the sun is bleaching out the whole right side of his face. Peanut’s playful pout makes me smile.


I don’t know what this face was for.


I title this photo “It Takes A Village.” Mommy fixes her hair for the 840th time while Daddy gives her a pep-talk/lecture on how to sit still and smile pretty for pictures.


This one’s nice other than the fact that I’m at a 45 -degree angle.


Ok, here she’s taking the smiling pretty a little too seriously.


Finally!! Oh, wait, no, I’m trying to become one with the rock and my shirt is doing something really weird in the front.


Aaaannnndddd…she’s done.


I give up.

Whew! This post was even exhausting.

Have a wonderful day,

The Dairymaid

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