Calves and Cats

Peanut now has two head of dairy cows in our herd. The farmer picked out one of our finest calves and gifted it to her. Her name is Virgo. (When you start running out of names for your cattle, you get really creative and just name them their sun sign. )

Anyway, Virgo is now our youngest milk cow. In October, she gave birth to another little heifer. We gave Peanut the privilege of naming her because, naturally, she owns her.

Now, most 2 year olds would have named her “Brownie” or “Goldie.” Or some Disney name. But, no, our precocious little daughter named her Milka.

So, Milka it is.

The second character in this riveting story is She-Devil. She-Devil comes from a long line of feral cats that we once had around the place. The only 2 left now are her and her brother, Stormy. She-Devil lives up to her name in every way. I’m pretty sure she just might BE the devil.


Beautiful, but Deadly

But, not when it comes to Milka.



She-Devil is putty in Milka’s hands (hoofs?).

Baby calves will try to eat/suck on anything you put in their pen. Including She-Devil’s ears. Let me tell ya, to this cat, there is nothing better. (If you’ll notice in the first picture, the top of She-Devil’s head is soaked.)


“Stop that!!”

I don’t know how many times I have caught this cat just taking a bath anywhere she pleases! This is a family-friendly farm! See what I mean… She’s a good mouser, but her professionalism could really use some work…

You all have a wonderful Thursday!

The Dairymaid

Copyright. Breauna Krider. 12/20/12.

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