A Journal Entry

(I don’t have any pictures. So, I’m doing it journal-entry style today.)


When Peanut got me up this morning, I thought it was going to be a very bad day. For one, it was way too early. For two, the farmer has changed his milking schedule around so he can spend more time with us in the evenings. (I was really missing the evening walks and just plain ol’ quality time that we used to have at night when we lived in the city. We’d work in the yard, watch our favorite tv shows, etc. There wasn’t anything pressing to do after we got home at night. I thrive on that sense of order and want to keep it intact for Peanut, as well.) So, the farmer is milking at 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. because he’s just a flat-out wonderful husband. As long as he gets to catch a little sleep when he comes back in, we both like this new schedule really well. However, when he goes out at 2 a.m., he has to drink coffee in order to function. When he crawls back into bed between 4 and 4:30, he’s awake. Flopping around. Trying to get comfortable. Needless to say, I’m awake at this point as well. 30 minutes later, Peanut is standing over me, whispering ever so sweetly in my ear, “You will make me a peanut butter sammy and you will do it right now.” That’s how she rolls. At 5:19, I’m in the kitchen making a peanut butter sandwich for my almost 3- year- old and waiting for my coffee to brew. This is our morning routine.

By 9 a.m., it might as well be 10 p.m. for me. So, I take some advice from a friend and make myself a drink.

 A pre-workout drink. (Come on, guys. ;))

 Muscletech Pre-Workout Amplifier (Not an advertisement. It’s just what I did.) I didn’t have plans to work out today because I did that yesterday and I can barely move. Yesterday, I drank 8 oz. of water and two scoops of that stuff. They tell you to drink it about 30 minutes before you work out. So, I downed it and sat down in my bedroom to read a book. Fast forward 15 minutes and I can barely focus on my book and I.Am. Itching. “Itching to work-out?” you ask. “No, literally itching.” Have you seen the SNL sketch where Kristen Wiig’s character  is “sooo excited?” Yeah, that was me yesterday. Fast forward 10 more minutes and I can’t even sit down. I threw the book down, put some work- out clothes on, put P90 in, did dumbbell curls while trying to clean house, and made it through the cardio workout without much trouble at all. I’m pretty sure I could have run through a wall without being phased. The itching stopped once I started exercising. So, today I thought, “Why not?” Increased productivity greatly outweighs excessive itching. Fast forward 5 minutes, and here we go again. I’m outside. I’m picking up trash. I’m moving metal. I’m out in the fields picking rocks. Tomorrow, I’m not even going to be able to get out of bed. I hadn’t done the cardio segment of P90 in almost a year. I was already sore this morning and I proceeded to further shred my (non-existent) muscles. Tomorrow, I have some marathon shopping planned, so I’m pretty sure I’ll die, but at least I’ll die happy. Doing one of the things I do best.

This afternoon, after eating a healthy lunch, mind you, I made molasses cookies. I wanted to see if this recipe was as good as the molasses cookies I remember my Aunt Sandy making when I was a kid. They weren’t. But, I still ate 7. And I remembered why I don’t bake cookies. Because I don’t have any self-restraint.

But, 7 is a holy number. So, I felt biblically justified.

The farmer said we’d continue working after he got done milking, which should be any minute now, so naturally, I’m going to go out, put a chain around my waist, and move tractors by myself.


Compulsive and keyed up,


The Dairymaid

5 thoughts on “A Journal Entry

  1. Oh.My.Word. I’m sick. I have some kind of bug that is only affecting my throat. True story, it happened last night. Today I sound like a boy going through puberty. It’s lovely. Anyway, the point it, I sound like a complete idiot laughing out loud while reading today’s post! And I look like an even bigger moron because I’m laughing so hard I’m rocking back & forth in the seat! So, thanks for that! I can just imagine your leg shaking up & down, just itching to go do something. And then saying that you’ll “put a chain around my waist, and move tractors by myself.” just cracked me up! I can totally imagine that! Haha!!!
    Peanut’s wake up call is epic. You’re sweeter than I am, I would have told her to go back to bed. Lol 🙂

  2. Oh, yeah, and the cookies!!! I COMPLETELY understand this! I can’t bake anything unless I’m going to take it to work the next day. It is a complete disaster. I made a cake last weekend that was so good, I just wanted to lay in bed with the pan & eat it, not kidding. 🙂 (Don’t worry, I didn’t do that. I took it to work & pawned it off on my sweet co-workers. Praise the Lord for a job!! lol!)

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