Name This Bull – And the winner is…

A name has been selected and the winner is…

Kim Lorton!! “Solomon…he’ll have lots of wives and concubines!”

Be watching the email you entered on the blog for your prize. 😉

Ok, everyone, I need some input and help from you today. Our dairy now has a new addition to the family, but I have yet to name him. Because I can’t come up with anything that suits my fancy.  He’s very different.


See? He kinda’ sticks out like a sore thumb. He’s a young Angus that the farmer decided to get in order to diversify a little. And upon arriving here, he got to work right away, so we’re hoping to have some nice little Angus/Jersey calves in about 9 months.


I just can’t come up with a suitable name for him, guys. I’m looking for something clever. Suggestions would be very much appreciated and possibly rewarded if I choose your name.

Happy Thursday!

The Dairymaid

P.S. Please leave suggestions in the comment space at the bottom of this post.

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