A Summer Morning in the Country

This morning, I woke up cranky. Very cranky. But, this is ok because everyone in my little household is already working by the time I get up. Which is usually 6 a.m.

I needed to clarify that so you don’t think I’m a slacker.

I staggered into the kitchen because coffee is essential to this girl getting happy real fast in the morning. I don’t usually even speak until I’ve had a few sips. The lights come on. The gears start shifting. Levers and pulleys start working together and the dairymaid begins to live in harmony with everyone she encounters.

That wasn’t the case this morning. I was just sour. So, I did some angry cleaning and tried to give myself pep talks. That’s when I looked out the window and saw our field full of forage sorghum lit by the sun shining through a haze of humidity and I just had to take a picture of it.

Green Graze

It makes me so happy to see our fields full of this because last year, it was a very meager, brown crop. 2012 was the worst year that the farmer and I have personally gone through. To see that reminds me that we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were last year.

That makes me happy.

As I’m standing there snapping pics, I hear a “Yoooo-hoooo!” coming from the direction of the dairy barn. “Milkman here! Milkman here!” (I’m thinking he might have doctored his coffee a little this morning.) I turned to see… this.

The Farmer

Oh. My. Word.

It’s not unusual for the farmer to leave for the barn in the morning with some eclectic wardrobe choices sometimes. But, I’d never seen something quite like this. The neon orange swim trunks… All I can do is just shake my head.  And he just let me keep right on snapping, so I consider it fair game. I had to laugh ‘cuz he’s such a goob.

And that makes me happy.

And then he yells, “Agghhhh, we got a streaker!!” I turn to see this character running from the side yard.


She’s able to escape through the back door now, but not before she insists on removing all her clothing. Goodness gracious…

Streaker 2

However, the look of total glee on her face as she whizzed by caused me to laugh.

That makes me happy.

Streaker 3

Wondering about the sanity of the two people I share a house with,

The Dairymaid

3 thoughts on “A Summer Morning in the Country

  1. Hahahahaha 🙂 She is going to LOVE these pictures when she gets older!!! Lol! That picture of Leslee is hilarious! I hope the rest of your day continues to be this entertaining!

  2. For CHIGGER bites, use stick or roll-on deodorant, I used roll-on and it really works I had bunches around my waist. They came from my yard under the gooseberry bush as I really gave it a good trimming. Your mother-in-law will know me ass she used to work for us as a teen in Mtn. Gorve. Good Luck,

    Glenna Henson

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