(No, I don’t have a stutter. Just a cache of oldies songs stored in my memory banks.)

As you can obviously see, what used to be a blog titled The Dairymaid is now called She’s Dairy Made. I decided to do a little play on words and that’s what I came up with. Unfortunately, there were 2 of us “dairymaids” in the blogosphere. There’s me and there’s another one who writes about travel, design, and fashion. She’s been around longer than I have, so it’s only natural for me to no longer call myself “the dairymaid.” I’m greiving a little about it.

But, you know what? This new title is so fitting because it’s so true. I still have infinite things to learn, but I’m continuing to constantly evolve. A perpetual evolution. A city caterpillar transforming into a country butterfly.

Or maybe just transforming into the weirdest looking butterfly you’ve ever seen with only one side that has wings. (What?)

I can’t deny that the dairy lifestyle has changed me. Purified me. In just a year, I’ve learned so much. To read more about that, click here.

And, in essence, this little family of 3 IS dairy made. The farmer’s dairy born. Peanut’s dairy bred. And I’m in the making.

Maybe by the end of this wild, adventurous, entertaining journey, I will officially be dairy made.

Here’s to the future and Breauna 2.0.

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