Peanut’s Tire Service

A couple of weeks ago, Peanut and I traveled to the city. Somewhere along the way, I ran over something that punctured my tire. We noticed she was almost totally flat when we stopped to eat at a restaurant with some family. Fortunately, my cousin’s fiancee was there to put enough air in it for me to get somewhere that could take a look at it.

I’m pretty helpless in these situations because I have no clue how to air up a tire. Is that bad? That’s bad, isn’t it? My husband enables my helplessnes, bless his heart, by doing all these kinds of things for me. So, basically, I have no survival skills.

I picked a guy with excellent survival skills.

Soooo… I actually do have excellent survial skills because 1) we are one and 2) I picked him in the first place. That is some very strategic, survivor intelligence right there.

With the powers of deductive reasoning, I’m golden. The conclusion? When my husband is with me, I have excellent survival skills.

So, anyway, Peanut was with me and has since learned a few tricks. I’m not sure when she watched the farmer do this, but we snuck up on her one evening just as she was doing it.

She’s gonna’ make sure that tire never goes flat again.

Taeter's Tires

Taeter's Tires 2

Taeter's Tires 3

I had to snap the pictures with my phone from behind the truck because we knew as soon as she saw us, she’d stop. I was laughing and trying to stop a tear or two at the same time because it was just precious. She came up to me later and said, “Mommy, I fixed that tire for ya.” And then she gave me a thumbs-up.

I feel so safe. 🙂

Her confidence in herself makes me proud. And it also makes me proud of her dad. Because he has the patience and love of fun to teach her everything he knows.  By the time she grows up, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

And probably a better woman than I.


Copyright.  © 2013 by Breauna Krider

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