July 4th, 2013

I hope everyone had a good 4th. I know we did. We headed to my dad’s house on Thursday for a barbecue and fireworks. This is the first year Peanut has really been able to participate and know what’s going on, so I was really looking forward to it. And then, the next day, we were going shopping, so then I was REALLY looking forward to it. Mandy, my step-mom, doesn’t really enjoy shopping quite as much as I do, but she’s growing out of all her clothes, so she has to, because…

she’s pregnant!!!! I’m going to have a new brother or sister around the end of December. 🙂 She’ll be an excellent mom and I’m really happy for her. I told her I didn’t need any more brothers. We’ll see if she comes through for me. 😉

(My brothers know I love them.)

I just can’t believe that, with this one on the way,  I am now the oldest of 5 between the both of my parents!! That’s crazy!

Anyway, my little brother Justin started the night off with Peanut by lighting smoke bombs. She was totally enthralled with them.

Peanut and Justin

But, the real fun began when we got the sparklers out.

Peanut and sparkler

I learned that my child is not  at all afraid of fire.

Especially when she started doing large arcs above her head. Everyone was like, “WHOA! WHOA! Don’t do that!!” Unfortunately, I was only able to get that with my phone because my camera does not do well in the dark. Maybe because I hate using my flash. Is it possible for a camera to take a good picture at dusk/dark without using a flash? I really want to know.

Peanut and sparkler 3

Once Peanut got the hang of how sparklers worked, everyone decided to keep a wide berth. Especially after my sister lit one up for her and did one of those duck-and-run things, batting at her hair. Yep, Peanut almost set her aunt on fire. But, all was well except for a faint singed aroma every time Bailey would walk by. It might take a little bit for a few arm hairs to grow back.

I don’t know if the light blinded Peanut or if she was just hypnotized, but every time we’d ask her to smile and look at the camera, this is what we got.

hypnotized Peanut 2

She had a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, I was unknowingly getting eaten up by Satan’s helpers: Chiggers. I. Am. Covered. And I have not slept well for the last 3 nights. I’ve been rubbing Purell on them and it REALLY burns.

But it hurts so good….

Gotta love life in the country!


3 thoughts on “July 4th, 2013

  1. How exciting for your Dad & Mandy!!! Yay for babies!!!
    I love sparklers too, I totally understand the allure!
    Boo for chiggers!! Did you try a bleach bath? I know that isn’t fun, but maybe it would dry them out?!

    • I haven’t tried a bleach bath, Bekah. Honestly, I think I might prefer something a little less harsh. It might make me corrode. :-p


      • Haha, Mom used to make us take them all the time when we were little and wouldn’t stop scratching! Just a cup full, or so, of bleach in with the bath water. I can still imagine that smell! I’ve also heard people talk about doing the same thing with apple cider vinegar? I dunno about all that… 🙂

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