A Rustic Little Bridal Shower

I’m a little slow on getting these posted, but a couple of weeks ago, my cousin, Chelsey, had a bridal shower thrown by her 3 lovely bridesmaids. I wanted to share the pictures because it turned out super cute.

Chelsey's Shower pic

Chelsey’s wedding colors are gray and orange, so we were trying to keep the shower those colors as well. However, gray is not an easy color to find in the middle of summer, so we just went crazy and got a bunch of bright colored stuff! And Hobby Lobby, in my opinion, is the go-to place for anything parties. Fake flowers, bright pom-poms, a pom-pom banner to hang undies from, umbrellas, chevron plates, the whole works…

Chelsey's Shower pic 3

Isn’t this back porch the cutest? Thanks, Deb, for letting us use your house!

One of my favorite parts of the shower decorations were the Mason jars. We bought Mason jars at Dollar General and filled them with acrylic paint. It was nice to at least do this with a friend because you have to roll the jars so the paint can make its way around to cover everything. We had to literally sit there and watch paint dry. So, if you’re feeling inspired to do this, definitely do it with a friend because it can get pretty boring.

Ok, now…about the flowers. We got the flowers, as I said, from Hobby Lobby. Upon getting them back to Mallory’s house (she’s the matron of honor), it then dawned on me that I didn’t buy a wire cutter. Mal said, “Oh, I just use this other thing to cut through them.” Well, we got that out and went to work on the wires. All it did was bend the stem. So, picture this. Mal goes out to her garage and gets a pair of tree/hedge trimmers. Unfortunately, one person can’t hold the flowers and cut the stems with two hands. One of us had to hold the flower horizontally while the other hefted up these gargantuan tree trimmers and cut the stem in two. Only problem was that the stems would STILL sometimes bend!! And you know what, the shears on the trimmer had a good amount of heat to them every time we’d cut!! Hobby Lobby, I think the wire in your stems is a little excessive. Just sayin’…

And Chelsey, I hope you’re really grateful. We risked digits for those flowers.

Chelsey's Shower pic 2

They turned out so cute, though!! I kept a bright green jar filled with hydrangeas and put it in Peanut’s room. 🙂 Chelsey really liked an orange jar and took it home with her. I felt pretty good about making decorations that the bride could have if she wanted them.

Finally, the guests started arriving with undies that matched their personalities. The bridesmaids later hung them on the pom-pom line for a guessing game. Chelsey had to figure out who brought what pair based on which ones matched a person’s personality. It was fun and she ended up with some really cute stuff.

Chelsey's Shower pic 4

I didn’t get a picture of the food, but Chelsey wanted a brunch shower, so we had this divine egg bake (I had seconds), bagels from Panera, chocolate chip muffins, juice, and melon balls. Funny story about the melon balls. Mallory and I could not grasp how to do melon balls. We had to call her mother-in-law for advice and then still couldn’t make them pretty. So, we took the watermelon and cantelope to her that morning and she enabled us. But, not without teasing us about the fact that two college graduates can’t make melon balls.

That also reminds me of the time I had to call my mom from work to ask her how to build/break down a cardboard box. I didn’t want to ask my boss because she might have thought I was an idiot. A simple task, yet just one more thing they don’t teach you how to do in college. My mom and I were dying laughing on the phone. It made for a good time.

All that money spent and I never got to take a class on more practical skills like: Melon Balling and Cardboard Box Construction.

Here’s the bride! And that’s her mom, my aunt, right behind her.

Chelsey's Shower pic 5

Opening presents! Right next to her is my cousin, Alisha. She’s one of my fellow bridesmaids. Can you see her? I’m having trouble seeing her… 😉 That jar right behind her is in Peanut’s room now.

Chelsey's Shower pic 6

And here’s the whole crew, minus my aunt Julie, who had to leave. I’m behind the camera on this one, but the girl standing on the far left is Mallory, the matron of honor. Even if we did almost lose some digits, she and I had so much fun watching paint dry and making fire with yard trimmers and Hobby Lobby flowers.

Chelsey's Shower pic 8

Now Mal’s behind the camera…

Chelsey's Shower pic 9

I love all these ladies! We had a great time.

2 thoughts on “A Rustic Little Bridal Shower

  1. I am SO glad Chels linked your blog on FB. I loved reading about her shower and then went from one top to another and found I could hardly drag myself away! What a great blog! Love it – it makes me laugh!

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