The Hodge Podge We’ve Been Up To Lately (A List)

Here’s a very discombobulated Monday list for you of what’s been goin’ on ’round here.

1. I wrecked my car. I hit two deer. At the same time. I cried all the way home and on and off for the rest of the evening. The End.

2. I acquired a new nephew. His name’s Drayson. I’m pretty smitten. Peanut has now lost her place as the youngest and didn’t really know what to think about this new addition to the family, but they’ve bonded and she loves to hold him now. She actually told me she wanted to take him home with her. I think it’s time for a brother or sister, don’t you?


3. My Peanut started preschool. She absolutely loves it, but I have to say, my days now are a little on the lonely side. I always stay busy doing this and that, but the quiet gets really loud sometimes. I love that she enjoys it, though. It gets lonely out here in the middle of nowhere for a little girl with two adults, too. She’s made friends and talks about them all the time. It’s been nice for me, as well. I’m getting to know some people in the community that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. And honestly, not being with Peanut 24/7 really allows me to wholeheartedly enjoy the time I DO get to spend with her.

4. Some of my blog inspiration and material is gone during the days. (See above.)

5. I’ve totally redone our bedroom. I still have some things I want to add and do, but it’s coming along. What do you think? I’ll give ya a little before-and-after action here. I need to go open my window, take the screen off, and shoot through there to really give you the whole effect. But… I didn’t.






(I moved the sconces to frame my closet door).

6. The farmer has been cutting hay, wrapping hay, and talking hay. All we ever talk about is hay. All he ever talks about to anyone else is hay. Or cattle. Which reminds me. We bought 20 more. Hey hey!! (Smirk for the little pun I threw in there). They’re all Jerseys. He’s pretty excited about them and what they’ll provide to the farm, not just in milk, but in good breeding.

7. We’ve been doctoring heifers. A common malady for dairy cattle is “foot rot.”


These ladies are fine, but there’s one hiding in the far corner that’s not. She was easy to separate and get in the squeeze chute. See how her leg is swollen and her hoof is very separated? Yeah, it’s not supposed to look like that.


One of the many roles a farmer plays is veterinarian. We gave her a shot of Excenel to help her foot.


Banjo watches from afar. In the shade, mind you.


After the work is over, he decides to come on over where we are.


But, only because there’s more shade available.

If only he didn’t live on a dairy farm where he constantly has to snap at flies…


He hits it hard, folks.

8. We did some mulching around trees in our yard. Peanut was ready to work after school, so she helped. She tells her teachers at the end of the school day that she “has to get home and feed the cows.”


This little chick is a helper! She helps me water our flowers. She helps me weed. She’ll feed calves hay. She bosses all the cattle around and anything else that’ll let her get away with it. She plays in the dirt so much that if you pat her, dust just plumes. But, ya know what? She helps me put all the clothes away when they’re done drying. And I’m not trying to raise some city girl, anyway, right? She’s tough. She’s smart. She enjoys getting absolutely covered in dirt. And yet, she enjoys having her nails painted, wearing pretty dresses,  and doing laundry. So far, I think she’s turning out very well-rounded. And this city girl mom was very apprehensive about what kind of creature my little girl would turn out to be when the farmer moved us out here. They’ve both mellowed me out a little. A little dirt never hurt anybody. It’s good for the immune system.

That little shovel is gettin’ a work out!



Don’t tell Peanut, but I’m glad Daddy’s there to help or we’d never get done.


You’ll never guess where Banjo is…


Yup, in the shade. Trying to look all cute and nonchalant while he tears one of my sponges to shreds all over the yard…


My little family, my world. I couldn’t adore them more.


Have a great Monday,



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