Things in my Yard

I was walking around my yard yesterday, just admiring the last show of beauty my flowers could give me before they went into hibernation for the winter. I took some pictures for you.


My Clematis. Still going in October. Everytime I see a new bud on it, I get all kinds of excited. I’ve got two growing together and I never know which design I’m going to see. It’s like Christmas for this girl.



I think they’re a little confused because it’s October!! I know I am…

I don’t know what this is, but I love it. Someone please enlighten me.




And then this isn’t really in my yard, but it’s on my porch. And the cement of my porch is in my yard. So…it totally counts.


And the cream can was in my yard before I got crafty and decided to do something cute and creative with it. Never mind that it took me a solid hour, if not more, to make that bow. And then once I finally did, I ran screaming and jumping across the yard to tell my husband. He didn’t even have to ask. He knew I had conquered. Because I get super excited and act like a little kid anytime I do something I’ve never done before. I like to revel in how proud of myself I am for a little bit.

Humility goes out the window for a few short moments.

Then, I’ll trip over something and everything will be back to normal.

Along with the pretty things I get to look at, there can also be found several things that diminish the aesthetic appeal of my little country paradise.

Exhibit A:


Yeah… this twisted ball of fur is a deer pelt. Brought to our yard by none other than…


I also witnessed Banjo chewing on what looked to be a large, strangely colored stick only to come a little closer and see fur and a black hoof. Speechless. That’s what I was. Only in the country. My brother-in-law shot a deer a couple of weeks ago, cleaned it out in a pasture, and Banjo is having fun with the dismembered leftovers. He’s kinda demented like that… He should probably be institutionalized, but what can ya do?

I know I’d miss him. And although his mental health is in question, he’s got to be one of the most photogenic dogs I’ve ever met.

And anytime you come to our dairy, there’s a chance you might round a corner of our house and meet a creature like this.


This is Thing 1. Yep, that’s her registered name. She’s a twin. And I bet you’ll never guess her sister’s name…

We’ve been using her as a lawn mower.

She’s really efficient because not only does she mow, but she fertilizes at the same time. AND she puts milk in the tank. To sum all that up for you, she’s a lawn mower/fertilizer that pays us for her services. I mean, what more could you ask for??


And here, she’s just made herself right at home in my backyard. Chewing her cud in the shade. Livin’ the good life.

Walk a little further and a random shoe is nothing out of the ordinary.


Another perk of having Banjo around. We can’t leave any of Peanut’s shoes where he can get them because he only chooses her shoes as his victims.

And if deer pelts and unattached limbs aren’t enough for you, this is the point where we cross over from a country yard into just a flat-out redneck yard.


Isn’t that just a gem? A decapitated, fake deer. A decapitated, mutilated, annihilated fake deer. Can anyone say overkill? The farmer is asking for a new core for this for Christmas. I wonder why…

And I signed up for this… All I can do is shake my head and chuckle.

Because reflecting back on all my past plans really does shed a humorous light on my present.

And that’s where I find my happy place.

Have a fabulous afternoon,


One thought on “Things in my Yard

  1. Ah, hahaha 🙂 So many great things in this post!!! Reading your blog makes me laugh every single time. And not at you…I can totally relate to some of these things 🙂

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