Our Weekend in Tennessee

Last weekend was fun! We went to Tennessee to see the farmer’s sister’s family. I love Tennessee. It’s gorgeous. And we couldn’t have gone at a more beautiful time.

Tennessee Fall

See what I mean? That’s Fall in Tennessee. I’m standing on a bridge overlooking the Duck River here.

I was a little worried about the drive since Peanut had never been that far from home, but she was a total peach. I think I have a little traveler on my hands. She slept almost half the trip, watched a movie, and serenaded us through Nashville’s rush hour traffic with minimal complaining about creeping along.

TN bound Taeter

Our top speed for a while was 15 mph. Even I was getting antsy. Finally, we arrived at my sister-in-law’s. Here she is with her “little” brother.

Linda & Leslee

Linda’s the oldest of the 5 children my husband is part of. I really wanted to get a picture of her whole family, but we were all so rarely together that I didn’t get a chance. You know how it goes…the girls split off and do girl things and the guys split off and do… guy things. Like this.

Motocross Leslee

Yeah…that’s the love of my life getting ready to get on a motorcycle while his brother-in-law holds it. Laughing. Comforting, right? That’s Marty, Linda’s husband and the father of my two nephews, Dakota and Dylan. I honestly wasn’t too worried, though. My husband has put his daredevil days behind him. It probably has a little something to do with how he’s the only one capable of running the dairy.

I really appreciate it, too. Because I’d rather be writing about the fun stuff than be in the barn actually working.

Although, my time spent in the barn would be minimal compared to the farmer’s due to the fact that if a cow so much as stomps at a fly, I won’t touch her. And feed buckets do not get carried by these measly little muscles. I don’t know how to wash the tank through. I’m even unsure how to turn everything on. I can’t drive a tractor…so feeding hay is out of the question and knowing how to doctor anything around here might as well be molecular biology.

So, again, I really appreciate my responsible husband.

He left the craziness to our nephews.

This is Dakota.


And this is Dylan.

Dylan 2

Even Marty joins in the fun!


The farmer stayed on the ground and took the pictures for me.

The next day, Linda and I went shopping, of course. Peanut is all about shopping. See? This is her Hollywood diva pose.

TN Taeter

And the guys went hunting.

It was a short trip, but that’s ok, because it was so worth it to get to spend time with family and see friends at church we hadn’t seen in a while.


Bye-bye, Nashville!

And although, it’s hard to leave, there’s also nothing like hitting the gravel road that leads to our little house tucked back in a clearing.

Even if you almost succumb from the pungent odor of dairy farm that hits you in the face as soon as you open the door.

If I can’t live in Missouri, I’m moving to Tennessee,


One thought on “Our Weekend in Tennessee

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!! I’m glad everything went well, and the trip was so smooth! (Besides the 15 mph traffic in Nashville…been there!!!)
    I always love going to Indiana or Tennessee this time of year because all the colors are so amazing!
    Oh, and those pictures of the boys on the bike & 4-wheeler are awesome. I would be scared to death they were going to hurt themselves, but the pictures are great!!!! Lol 🙂

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