A Few Family Pictures

Over the last several months, my husband, my daughter,my sister-in-laws and their children have willingly endured some picture-taking practice. I enjoy taking pictures and have alot of fun with it, however, I am by no means a professional. I’ve only learned the things I’ve learned through trial and error and a moderate amount of reading.

And some helpful tidbits that masters have thrown to this young grasshopper.

However, today, I’m going to show you a few pictures I’ve taken that conjure a special feeling for me. They may be imperfect technically, but they perfectly demonstrate a perfect moment, a perfect look, or a perfect emotion.

And then next time, I’ll share the family pictures the farmer and I recently had done. Photographs that I can only aspire to take someday.

Ok, are you ready? Here goes.

I have no idea how I took this picture and would never be able to do it again. Inconsistency is my middle name when it comes to photos, but this is my absolute favorite picture of my husband. It’s just so him.


That look… I fell in love with that look and it still retains it’s effectiveness today. I now refer to it as “The Smolder.” And I thank Flynn Rider for the descriptive term.

This one comes in at a close second because 1) it’s a little bit closer and 2) this look is also one I receive all the time.


I live for this look. This is his, “You.Are.Weird” look. Or his “Seriously…?” Or his “I find what you just said somewhat humerous, but I’m never going to let you know it” look. I strive for this look on a daily basis. I say ridiculous things just to get it. I mime song lyrics. I shadowbox. I make random, weird faces. Because I’m really mature like that. And that look says to me “mission accomplished.” Don’t let his seriousness in these pictures fool you, though. This is the man that is desperate for a laugh from his daughter. This is the man that will run down our hallway, fake trip, and dramatically tumble to the ground. Works every time. And then I’m the one with the above look on my face. To each his own, right?

In summary, there’s no telling what Peanut’s going to turn out like. But, I’d say a good sense of humor and a double dose of goofiness is definitely in her cards.


This one speaks to me. I like the color of it, for one. And then, I dunno… It may just be because I know him, but there’s something about his face and his eyes that speak of a quiet strength. It’s a face of focus and determination. A kind warrior. And he is every bit of that.

Moving on to Peanut.


She absolutely loves to swing and this is a moment of unbridled glee. This picture makes me grin.

And this one makes me melt.


This one also reminds me of her one condition for me to be allowed to take pictures of her. Our conversation went like this:

Me: “Can Mommy take some pretty pictures of you?”

Peanut, after tilting her head, and pondering what this meant for a few seconds: “Can I wear lipgloss?”

Hence, the pink sheen to my 3-year-old’s lips. Heaven help us.


This one makes me smile because it’s so her. A happy little kid.

Then, there’s Kalyssa, my neice.


This one might possibly be the best picture I’ve ever taken. And those big, beautiful brown eyes… This little girl is so full of love and this picture perfectly expresses that.

Here she is with her dad.


Such a sweet picture! You can tell they adore each other.

And here she is with her mom. I love mother-daughter pictures.


That’s my sister-in-law, Tanna. She’s the one that milks for the farmer when we’re away for a weekend. We don’t know what we’d do without her. Well…we’d never get to leave, that’s what we’d do.

Here’s her big brother, Foster.


I like this picture because it captures what a little boy is. (I’m chuckling because he would NOT appreciate me calling him a little boy). It’s a sweet face riddled with orneriness. It’s Foster.


This is one of my absolute favorites because it’s such a cute keepsake. If these were my kids, I’d have this on a gallery-wrapped canvas and stick it in their playroom.

Moving along…

This little guy is the newest of Peanut’s cousins.


This is Drayson.

Newborns are so precious. However, taking these pictures had to be the hardest I’ve ever done. Taking a decent picture is HARD when I’m not outside. I do not relish taking indoor pictures. I need lots of pointers when it comes to this. I’ve heard one of those attachable flash thingies is very helpful, but I have no idea what’s right for me or what a good one is. Do they really improve an indoor picture’s quality that much? Anyway, I love this photo because his little face is just so sweet and pleasant.

I was more in my element when we took him outside.


Love it!


EEEEEEE!! He’s just so darn cute!

I love this one because I know what was going on when I took it.


Drayson was getting really tired of the pumpkin and Staci –she’s the farmer’s youngest sister– was doing everything she could to keep him happy while laughing at the circumstances herself. There’s laughter in her eyes. And that’s why it’s one of my favorites.

This one speaks to me as a mother.


First of all, Drayson is actually looking up towards the camera, which lends it’s own level of cuteness. And then, I just love the look on Staci’s face. She’s serenely smiling down at him with a look of pride, awe, and absolute love. It’s clear she adores him and it’s touching.

I’m so glad my family allows themselves to be my guinea pigs. And Drayson may never fit in a pumpkin again, so that moment will be frozen in time, which makes me happy I was there. Each and every one of these is special because it’s a day I can’t ever physically go back to. But, these pictures take me back so vividly in my mind.

And that’s what they do for the people in them, as well. Hence, the reason I love it so much.

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