A Cute Idea for Bathrooms

As all of you know, my house is small little thing, so I try my best to use the space I have efficiently. I can’t stand clutter, so anything that can hang on a wall and hold necessary items is a must.

I found a couple things on Pinterest (of course) and I thought I’d share. I’m combining the two.

bathroom inspiration

The shelves above the toilet are perfect! I love everything that’s on them. You can put cotton balls and Q-tips in the little apothecary jars, light a candle, admire the tulips, grab a towel,  and stare at the hands on the clock for a good minute trying to figure out what time it is.

Oh wait, that’s just me. Roman numerals and self-doubt.

These aren’t the colors in my bathroom, so I’ll probably try to find either white or espresso colored shelves. Black would look great, but I have disavowed black lately. Dusting every 30 minutes kinda puts a cramp in my style, ya know?


This is the other picture I found on Pinterest.

bathroom inspiration 2

I thought this was a really cute idea because nothing is sweeter to me than a bathtub baby picture.

And I snapped the perfect one a week ago.


I think I’ll put it where the clock is.

Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “A Cute Idea for Bathrooms

  1. VERY cute!!!! I love that idea! That bathtub picture is just perfect!
    p.s.–I love the color on the walls in that bathroom with the shelves…I wouldn’t have the guts to paint a small space that color, but that’s so pretty!
    p.p.s.–Are your cabinets in your bathroom white? All of our cabinets are white, and I hate them with a fiery passion. They get so dirty so quickly!! Do you have trouble with this too??!

    • Thank you! I agree on the wall color, too! The red towels and tulips really make it pop. And no, my vanity in the bathroom has an espresso finish. It shows dust pretty bad on the parts that jut out at the bottom. I love my biscuit colored cabinets in my kitchen, though! I don’t notice them getting dirtier than anything else does, but maybe it’s because I’m constantly slopping something on them and having to spot clean! Haha

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