June-July: A Continued List

So, after the fair, we all went home and crashed for a few days. I did, anyway. The farmer never crashes. He drinks 72 cups of coffee a day.

And my daughter has a Red Bull drip somewhere on her person. I’ve yet to find it, but I’m certain it’s there.

3.Once I got over the morning/all day sickness, I started taking a few photos for people this summer, which has been fun.

My cousin and her family

My cousin and her family


My nephew

My nephew


My baby brother

My baby brother


That moment right before the wailing begins. Pitifully precious.

That moment right before the wailing begins. Pitifully precious.

4. I’ve been going to doctor’s appointments monthly for pregnancy checkups. Here’s the first belly bump selfie I took at 17 1/2 weeks.


5. My mom met up with Taegan and I in the city one day for lunch. I took them with me to my doctor’s appointment, but first I got this picture that I absolutely treasure.


I didn’t realize until this picture how much Taegan looks like her grandmother!

6. We took a little trip down to the creek and packed a picnic. This was Taegan’s treat for learning her Bible verse and 5 sight words. It was Luke 6:31. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” I got this told to me just last Sunday when I refused to carry her purse at the restaurant we had lunch at.


She loved it.


A better playmate than Daddy can’t be found.


And then Banjo comes in at a close second. We learned that day that Banjo finds skipping rocks very upsetting. Every time the farmer tossed one, he would race down the shore barking and whining. When he got to the water, he would attempt to “rescue” the rock by diving under the water. This is when he realized that there are a multitude of rocks at the bottom of a creek and attempted to bring them all to the surface all the while barking and whining because this was just an impossible task.

A tranquilizer would not have been out of the question.

There are times when his intelligence is very impressive, but then there’s the rest of the time…


Another picture I treasure.

7. On the Fourth of July, we had a family reunion at my aunt’s place. My grandma is one of six children and those six children and their descendants were who comprised this reunion. I had the task of coming up with shirts for the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids of my grandma. Her name is Betty.

So, naturally…


This was Taegan’s shirt.


That’s pronounced JEE-Jee-ma and that’s what the great grandkids call her. It’s a lot shorter than great-grandma and it just fits her.

Here’s almost everyone (and their spouses) that make up Grandma Betty’s line. My shirt said “Granddaughter 05” because I’m the fifth person that came out of these genetics. The farmer’s shirt read “Married To 05” on the back.

family reunion

grandma's siblings

Grandma and her remaining siblings. They lost a beloved sister some years back.

We ate, played games, sang out of the church song books.

This family doesn’t get together and not sing. We’re all singers and singing must be done. If you don’t sing, everyone stares at you like, “Why aren’t you singing??” We’ve all been doing this since we were kids.

Singing family

My aunt compiled songs that my grandpa wrote along with songs written by grandma’s sister. All the songs were published in church song books over the years, so we each got a little booklet full. They couldn’t be there with us in person, but they were definitely there in song.

While we were sitting there, someone asked Aaron to start telling stories. Aaron’s quite the storyteller and his go-to’s are always the ones about running off one of my great-aunt Sandy’s boyfriends. When Sandy was dating this guy, her nephews were in all in the 16-18 age range, I believe. They set out to run this guy off and totally got it accomplished.

They were just awful to him.

Aaron's stories

Sandy during stories

You can tell she’s really torn up about it.

My dad was one of those nephews. Look at him. It was fun watching them all relive it.


Dad and Justin (the oldest of my brothers)

I never get tired of those stories. And Aunt Sandy has no regrets. I would try to tell them, but I could never do them justice. Aaron holds a captive audience by telling and acting them out.

Later that evening, we did some fireworks and everyone said their goodbyes hoping it wouldn’t be so long before we saw each other again. My husband only just met some of my family in July and we’ve been married 10 years.

That’s all I’m going to be able to do for now.


More to come.


Still to be continued,



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