I’ve Been A Little Busy…

Today I’m playing catch up since it’s been about 3 months. Everything’s been going good here on the farm. The farmer had a good spring crop of rye and wheat that was cut, baled, and wrapped. Now, he’s playing chicken with the rain trying to get the hay fields cut all the while planting sorghum-sudan grass BMR, which will eventually be put into baleage for the milk cows. Ideally, the farmer likes to have a 2-3 day stretch of no rain for putting up hay. So far, the rain has just continued to keep on coming. But, that’s ok. Without rain, this grass wouldn’t grow and that’s the good stuff our cows will eat during the winter months. The farmer planted this two weeks ago.


Early this morning, it looks like this:


Green with a side of rainy.

And without rain, none of my honey-do’s would get done.


Painting Luxe’s room a color called Baby Toes. So fitting.

In other news, my husband has very eclectic farming attire.

In the meantime, I spend a lot of my time inside with Luxe. Unfortunately, this means I don’t get to snap photos of the farmer and Taegan out and about doing what dairy farmers do, but that is also ok. I’m enjoying this season with Luxe knowing all too well that it is a short one. When I reflect back to Taegan’s babyhood, I remember saying things like, “I can’t wait til’ she talks,” “I can’t wait til’ she walks,” “I can’t wait for her to experience this or that.” Not necessarily wishing the time away; just wanting to get to know her. Wanting to show her the world and get her take on it.

That has not been the case with Luxe. Knowing that she could quite possibly be my last has me savoring the little things. Telling time to slow down. All the while, she is growing at lightening speed and I am helpless to stop it.


Since my last post, she has started eating everything. And I mean everything. The child has a taste for things that have a little kick to them. We’ve been eating on some chili for the last two nights and the baby can’t get enough. I was a little worried about this, but she leans toward me–mouth wide open like a little bird– and whines if I’m a little slow about giving her some. If I’m eating anything and I don’t offer her some, the waterworks begin. I am now that mom that sneaks food while hiding behind the pantry door. So far, the only things that have had an ill effect on her were bananas and rice cereal.

Also, since my last post, Taegan has turned 5 and graduated from preschool. She starts kindergarten in the fall. I’m really proud of her. She’s reading or attempting to read everything in sight, enjoys adding and subtracting, and has started singing in church, which fills this mama’s heart with pure joy. This also causes Luxe to sometimes “sing,” as well, which causes me to have trouble singing because I can’t stop laughing. We don’t use instruments at our church, so Luxe is a very audible participant if she so chooses.


Her sheepish look after her teacher announced she counted to 193.

Luxe turned 6 months old a couple of weeks ago, so I took some photos with some backgrounds I had bought a long time ago. They turned out so cute!


Her family nicknames are “Luxey Poo” or “Tweet-Tweet.” She is my sunshine baby with a smile for everyone. It doesn’t matter how cranky someone in our household might be one day–she’ll charm that bad mood away in a flash.


She doesn’t encounter anyone she won’t smile at and enjoys any kind of play that involves hugs and kisses.


With every month, we see a new facet of Luxe’s personality. This month has shown us a little bit of her feisty side, especially in church. I walk in with a sweet, smiley little angel and end the service with a tiger by the tail. Luxe rarely cries; she just hollers or shrieks. Too much sitting mixed with getting hangry brings out this little banshee that will definitely be a high soprano if we can channel it into something more positive.


She adds something to this family that we couldn’t imagine being without now.

Just last weekend was the fair in our small community. Taegan knew which calf she wanted to show pretty much from the day it was born. No ordinary Jersey would do. No horse is better than a paint horse in her eyes, so naturally no cow would be better than a “paint” cow.


. DSC_1981

I am in love with this photo. She doesn’t know I’m taking it and there’s something about Taegan’s wistful little look that speaks to my soul. She’s breathtakingly beautiful. It’s hard to articulate what I feel upon looking at it. All I know is it causes me to flash forward to her all grown up and in that flash forwarded moment, a woman stands where that little girl is and I can’t help but cry.She makes photography art for me like no one else can. I could stare at it for hours and feel all kinds of things.


She caught me. She named her calf Luxe because, naturally, there is no better name in the world to her right now. She bestowed upon the little heifer the highest honor she could think of.

She and her cousins had such a good time working their calves here on the farm and then taking them up to the fair. Aunt Tanna always takes this activity upon herself and the kids love it.


It is A LOT of work and I always admire how selfless she is about getting her kids and any other niece or nephew that’s interested involved.


Taegan had to show off her showmanship trophy.

This is Kalyssa, Tanna’s daughter, showing her calf, Lollipop.


This is Foster, Tanna’s son, with his calf, Krider, who actually won Grand Champion!


If you’re tired, just lay down in the hay with your calf. That’s what Taegan and Emmy decided to do.


They all were thoroughly worn out, but they had a great time.

And Taegan’s not ready to hang up Luxe’s halter just yet. (Are you confused yet?)

As reigning show calf, she has a duty to continue being walked around the farm on display. Around 7 this morning I looked out the window to see this:


It’s rough being a show calf, but somebody’s gotta do it.


Brought to you today by Breauna Krider 🙂

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