An Inspirational Crow


I saw a crow yesterday. I was loading groceries into the trunk of my car as it hopped right by. Crows are nothing special where I’m from—in fact, they’re kind of an annoyance with their screeching “Caw’s.” However, I guess I had never seen one close or, rather, never taken the time to look and it struck me how beautiful their color is. I had never noticed that crows are not merely black, but painted with hues of blue and purple that sparkle in the sun. The artistry and creativity of our Creator cannot be fathomed. It is always inspiring. And being able to see the beauty in what we have always classified as something plain or simple is a blessing. It might not be that plain or simple at all. Then, a thought popped into my head: “There is beauty in the black.” I’ll admit…it made me a little emotional because then the moment ceased being about me spotting a crow. Perhaps this crow was meant for me.

None of us get through life without “being in the black” sometimes. We’ve all had our fair share of darkness in different ways and in different places of our journeys. Goodness knows I’ve had mine and I know with certainty there will be more. During hardship, it’s very difficult to find or see the beauty in it. It’s only when I get to a better place that I can look back and see how it changed me. However, when those seasons pass and I come out on the other side of the struggle, I’m stronger. I’m better. I’m wiser. Able to see more clearly the abundance of things money can’t buy in my life and marvel at the love of my Father. Like that crow with the tinge of blue and purple upon it’s feathers, I have bruises. But I’m still beautiful.

That crow was no coincidence. There’s beauty in the black.

“For you, O God, have tested us; you have tried us as silver is tried. You brought us into the net; you laid a crushing burden on our backs; you let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water; yet you have brought us out to a place of abundance.” Psalm 66:10-12

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