A Letter to My Youngest


I sit here and reflect on your first year and feel so incredibly blessed to have you in my life. I know that your sister and Daddy would say the same thing. When Daddy and I named you Luxe, little did we know that you would resemble every facet of its meaning. I envisioned a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, but I believe God either honored our choice in creating your personality or inspired us to name you that for the little person He already knew you to be.


Pardon the blurry mommy in this photo. It’s really hard to find a good photographer around here. (I only say that because it was Daddy. ;-))


Either way, you are a little bundle of perpetual light. You radiate sweetness. You convey feeling with just a look. Your little smile lights up a room. And even your skin seems to glow from a light within. What your big sister has in spunk, you have in charm.


You are my cuddlebug baby. You don’t ever get enough hugs and kisses. More are always welcome and you give them as freely as you take. I love to watch you engage people. It’s intriguing to me how effortlessly you do it without words. I’ll never forget how funny it was that one of the college-age boys had you at a church function amidst about 8 of his peers and each one of them was putty in your hands. All it takes is that adorable smile and those eyes. Those captivating eyes.


It’s your first birthday and, even though it sounds so cliché, I don’t know where the time went. I was with you every single day and that was the fastest year I’ve ever experienced. I wanted more time.


You bring so much sunshine into our lives, Luxe.



And I’m a privileged mother to have been blessed with a baby as sweet as you. Happy birthday, sweet girl.



3 thoughts on “A Letter to My Youngest

  1. Looks like she has had a blessed birthday! It always brings a smile to see her eyes start to twinkle you know the smile quickly comes!!! It is truly a blessing to see your girls and watch them grow!

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