Sweet Sisters & Afternoon Routines

Taegan is back in school now. Here’s my little first grader on her first day of school. Along with little sis in a nightgown. She really dressed up for the occasion.


Taegan’s current favorite color is “red–no wait–pink. Pink or red.” Combine the two and I think we’ll be golden. She also wants to be a police officer when she grows up so she can “arrest people.” Although it is a noble profession, I’m pretty sure Zootopia is the influencing factor at the moment.


Basketball practice stared Friday and my little girl continues to grow up on me. How does this happen??!

I have to admit, though, that the growing up has been something so precious to watch because of how she is with Luxe. SOOOOO grown-up. “No, no, Luxe, you can’t have that. Give it to me, baby.” (said in a sweet, but authoritative tone) “Oh, you want some milk? Here, I’ll get ya some. Just give me a minute.” (As she scoots a chair across the kitchen to reach the sippy cups and hefts the gallon jug to a comfortable pouring point). I tell ya…I walk into the kitchen from folding some laundry and she’s got dinner fixed, dishes washed, Luxe has already been fed, and is in the process of having her clothes removed for bathtime!

Ok, so not quite to that point, but we’re getting very close. Taegan is also ever present at the dairy barn. She had a new addition to her own little herd a few weeks ago.


Her name is Celestia. We’re still scratching our heads on how that name was contrived, but we’re going with it. So now, she has Virgo (the only heifer I named), Milka, and Celestia.

Meanwhile, our morning routines consist of getting Taegan off to school and calming Luxe down once I get back in the car. She was completely over dropping Taegan off about 3 days in. This morning, we were down at the milk barn and she asked Grammy, “Where Tae-Tae?” Grammy said, “She’s at school.” Luxe replied, “I cwy.” Yep. Every morning. Taegan is sorely missed during the day.

But, here’s the sweetest thing. Luxe can look forward to this most afternoons.


Luxe loves to “dwive” and Taegan doesn’t mind being the motor…most days.

They pull up to the dairy barn…


…and Taegan unstraps the seat belt that she always buckles without fail.


“Safety first, Luxe!” Responsibility is something Taegan has settled nicely into…most days. (Meanwhile, I’m kinda jealous of Taegan’s tan and toned arms. That’s what being a farm girl will get ya.)


You ready to go in the barn?”


Taegan is actually big help in the barn already. She’s not in the way–oh no, she’s a working member with her own very necessary jobs. The farmer misses his little milkhand in the mornings now that school has started. This weekend, Taegan was up Saturday morning before him, went and got the cows BY HERSELF, and had them all loaded into the holding pen, gates locked, ready to milk. She cracks the whip around here and can regularly be found arguing with her father because he’s not doing something right. Never mind considering who taught her how to do things the “right” way in the first place. 😉


Now, she must teach her sister her ways. I think the farmer  will be able to retire very soon.

Sweet sisters.

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