A Cute Idea for Bathrooms

As all of you know, my house is small little thing, so I try my best to use the space I have efficiently. I can’t stand clutter, so anything that can hang on a wall and hold necessary items is a must.

I found a couple things on Pinterest (of course) and I thought I’d share. I’m combining the two.

bathroom inspiration

The shelves above the toilet are perfect! I love everything that’s on them. You can put cotton balls and Q-tips in the little apothecary jars, light a candle, admire the tulips, grab a towel, ¬†and stare at the hands on the clock for a good minute trying to figure out what time it is.

Oh wait, that’s just me. Roman numerals and self-doubt.

These aren’t the colors in my bathroom, so I’ll probably try to find either white or espresso colored shelves. Black would look great, but I have disavowed black lately. Dusting every 30 minutes kinda puts a cramp in my style, ya know?


This is the other picture I found on Pinterest.

bathroom inspiration 2

I thought this was a really cute idea because nothing is sweeter to me than a bathtub baby picture.

And I snapped the perfect one a week ago.


I think I’ll put it where the clock is.

Can’t wait!