Living Room, Hall, and Master Bedroom

This is the living room and the view right as you walk in the front door. I’ve got to find some stuff to dress up the top of my entertainment center. Our house in the city had a huge ceiling in the living room and all the stuff I had on top of it there won’t fit now. You like my rabbit ears? Pretty snazzy, huh? I happen to think it’s an absolute essential for any decorator.

This is what you see from the kitchen.

Look a little more to the right and you have our front door and coat closet. Ok, I thought light switch plates were a standard size. We got these at two different places and apparently that is not the case. It drives the farmer nuts and will be remedied as soon as possible. Who knew?

This is the hallway off of the living room. Obviously, we need another light switch cover, but you get the jist. At the end is our bedroom.

I still haven’t decided what direction I want to go with our room. I have a few ideas, though. There’s this one picture I found on Pinterest of a big filigree stencil someone’s done down  one wall that I really like, but I don’t know where I want to put it. I  also would like to dress it up with curtains, but I don’t want to totally cover up the farmer’s handiwork. Oh, the dilemmas!He made all the furniture in our room, too, by the way. I gotta start hirin’ this man out!!

More pictures as soon as I can get them taken! We’re waiting on our front porch steps to be poured, so I’ll have pictures of the exterior as soon as that gets done.


The Dairymaid