Our Fall Family Photos

A while back, I told you about some family photos we had done. I wanted them taken at the dairy because, as far as scenery and photo ops go, you really can’t get much better than this. The next step was to find a photographer. It just so happens that I have a photographer¬†cousin in Kansas City. (Icon Imagery, if you’re in the KC area.) I really wanted her to take them because 1) she’s awesome 2) she knows our personalities and 3) I enjoy her company immensely. She brought her little family down, we took pictures, I cooked, we ate, we stood around a backyard bonfire, and a good time was had by all. She even trekked down to the dairy barn to help the farmer the next morning!! (Her name’s Kim, by the way.)


Isn’t she gorgeous?

And here are some of my favorites that she took of us… Barrage of pictures comin’ at ya.

Tae and I

I’ve decided that I must have one like this every year.


This is our rendition of a picture the farmer saw on the internet. He told me he wanted it for his birthday. ūüôā We couldn’t have staged it better for him. An old red barn, a few hay bales, and his girls.



Taeter 1

Peanut did an awesome job for Kim.

Taeter 2

I love her face here. It looks like she’s happily wistful.

Taeter 3

And this one’s just so candid.

the farmer and I

I can’t think of a picture of us that I’ve ever liked so much. I ordered a big 16×20 canvas of it for our bedroom.

the shoes say it all

Haha! And although this picture is on the suggestive side, it’s so totally us. If I were to title this one, it would be “The Shoes Say it All.”


Yeah, she took my banner photo, too. ūüôā Just a random one she snapped as we were walking away that turned out so cute!

Taeter and I 2

I can’t figure out if I like the cleaner one or…

Taeter and I 3

the hazy one better. What do you think?

My family 2

My mom said this is the kind of picture you frame and put behind your couch. I agree.

My family

I love this one because we’re all smiling.

Special Request

I love this one because of Peanut’s sweet, spunky face. And I think it’s kind of¬†great how we’re all touching. I don’t remember Kim telling Peanut to put her hand there.

Silly Tae Tae

Her face…

Tae Tae

The sun in this one’s pretty cool.

Tae's Leaf

This was one of Kim’s ideas that turned out so cute!

Tae's Leaf 2

And then Peanut did some posing of her own.

My Ornery Daughter

Peanut looks all disheveled here because the farmer was flying her around like an airplane. However, the haphazard hair and the little¬†mischievous grin to go with it is why I absolutely¬†love this picture. It visually captures…her. This is Peanut. This is what she looks like every other day of the week.

And finally, there’s this one.


This picture is symbolic to me, in a way. Symbolic of the journey. On one hand, we’ve come this far. On the other, we still have a lot more to go. But, we’re here on this dairy and as long as we’re all together, I can only feel hopeful.

Thanks for letting me share with you!

Happy Hump Day,


Outtakes from our Family Photo Shoot

So, anyone who has or has had a toddler knows how impossible family pictures are. Today, I’ve decided to showcase some of our family photo “spoofs” because although they’re not really ones I would send on my Christmas card, they give me a chuckle.


The farmer looks great other than the fact that the sun is bleaching out the whole right side of his face. Peanut’s playful pout makes me smile.


I don’t know what this face was for.


I title this photo “It Takes A Village.” Mommy fixes her hair for the 840th time while Daddy gives her a pep-talk/lecture on how to sit still and smile pretty for pictures.


This one’s nice other than the fact that I’m at a 45 -degree angle.


Ok, here she’s taking the smiling pretty¬†a little too seriously.


Finally!! Oh, wait, no, I’m trying to become one with the rock and my shirt is doing something really weird in the front.


Aaaannnndddd…she’s done.


I give up.

Whew! This post was even exhausting.

Have a wonderful day,

The Dairymaid

My Lil’ Easter Bunny

I haven’t posted any pictures of Peanut lately, so I figured her in her Easter dress would be a perfect opportunity.

This is the first Easter Peanut has gotten to really participate in and she loved it! Even though she was pretty excited about her Easter baskets, I think her favorite part was hunting Easter eggs.

I’ve also got a few pictures of her younger cousins.

Landrie is almost exactly a year younger than Peanut. They’re good buddies. Basically, if you’re a baby, Peanut is going to love you. (Teahna, I’m pretty sure my daughter is a dark-haired clone of yours sometimes. This picture looks a lot like Emmy.)

The little chubby guy on the end is Grayson. He’s the newest addition to the family and his jowls kill me. He’s wearing the same size as Peanut in clothes and his little arms are absolutely roly-poly. Just to see him makes me smile.

Grayson’s getting a little excited. Landrie has no clue why.

The farmer took that picture and I have to really compliment him because I didn’t have to edit it at all. I’m pretty sure it will be one of my favorites for years to come.

And, finally, just a few pics of Peanut hunting Easter eggs.

The farmer took all 3 of those, too! Who knew??

The Dairymaid

Copyright. Breauna Krider. 04/11/12

The Babysitter

This is Ace. He’s Dad and Mandy’s dog.

He’s a Blue Heeler, one of the stereotypical farm dogs. He’s actually a “Blue Header,” though. My dad works on the road a lot and never really got to teach Ace to go for a cow’s heels. He tries to latch onto the tops of their heads. He’s been knocked for a loop a time or two, but it never phases him much. He also has been accidentally run over with the four-wheeler¬†numerous times. Trying to bite the tires¬†of a moving¬†ATV¬†is never a good idea. My brother-in-law, Jason, actually got in a four-wheeler wreck trying not to run over Ace.¬†He landed in a patch of briars and sported a black eye for a week.

Not cool, Ace. Not cool.

Ace spends his days sleeping on the porch, chasing birds (that are flying up in the air, mind you. Some day, maybe one will croak mid-flight and fall right out of the sky) and squirrels, killing varmints, “helping” with the evening cattle feeding rituals, bringing¬†tree limbs onto the porch (sticks would be too easy),¬†and babysitting.

The babysitting is my favorite part. Ace may not be the smartest dog in the world, but he loves Peanut. I like to think of him as a muscle-head security detail. All he needs is some black sunglasses.

If Peanut is out and about, Ace is always a close distance behind her. She gets really mad at him if he gets in her face, so he tags along a few feet back.


Sometimes, Peanut falls asleep on my way home from somewhere. Instead of getting her out of the car and waking her up, I sometimes leave her in the car and check on her every little bit. Most of the time, Ace lets me know when she’s awake, though. He goes down there to my car and just sits by the back door and¬†stares at the house like “Helloooooo? Baby’s awake.”¬†It’s so cute!

Needless to say, he’s endeared me to him.


P.S. That first pic of Ace was taken with that new lens I showed ya a while back. When I saw what a good picture it created of Ace, I was shocked that I was the one that  actually took it. Highly recommend.